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  1. Save up to $75 on Westin Grille Guard at CARiD
    Hey guys, CARiD wants to start your week with some great news. Westin MARCH REBATE MADNESS starts today! The good news is that you can save up to $75 OFF the original price with the purchase of an HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard. Westin® - HDX Grille Guard...
  2. Aluminum Turbos Save Weight, Money

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    For more on this story, Aluminum Turbos Save Weight, Money and A LOT MORE, please visit
  3. Don't miss your chance to buy Go Rhino and save up to $250!
    At CARiD we offer a wide variety of front grille guards. We have you covered whether you want a sporty look, heavy duty protection, or functionality out of your grille guard. So guys, the Go Rhino Cyber week sale starts now! Save up to $250 OFF the original price, purchase Go Rhino wrangler...
  4. Ford’s 3D-Printed Auto Parts Save Millions

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford’s 3D-Printed Auto Parts Save Millions, Boost Quality ​DEARBORN – One day, millions of car parts could be printed as quickly as newspapers and as easily as pushing a button on the office copy machine, saving months of development time and millions of dollars. 3D printing...
  5. From the streets to the racetrack, this heavy duty truck is built to save lives

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Fireman Matt Gehman saves lives with the help of his Super Duty®….see how. Click here for more Ford Truck Videos!
  6. Could Fisker Save Lincoln?

    Lincoln Discussion
    Could Fisker Save Lincoln? SOURCE: Jalopnik
  7. Use the code and save
    Feel free to use "FORUMS" as a 10% Discount Coupon Code when shopping on our site. This coupon will work for most of the products on - Car Accessories, Truck Accessories except for manufacturers that have strict MAP policies such as E&G Classics, Borla, and WeatherTech. Send me a PM...
  8. Missouri weighs breaks to save Ford plant

    Ford Corporate News
    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is shopping for a Ford. The governor ordered lawmakers back for a special session starting Thursday to consider millions in tax incentives and pension plan changes to entice the automaker to keep its Kansas City-area plant producing. More...
  9. Chrysler to save Sebring convertible after refresh?

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    The future of the Chrysler Sebring has been questionable, with talk of name changes or dropping the model completely, but new sources suggest it will remain. ChryslerSebring - Chrysler - Convertible - Recreation - Autos...
  10. Plan to SAVE Mercury,

    Letters To Ford
    First off, my brother and sister both drive Mercury cars, as do I. I'm 32 so as for the demographics, they are not pinpoint. Mercury was launched more than 1/2 a century ago. It is a brand that has been around for about 70 years, and should be around for 70 more. It is easy to make a new brand...
  11. Ford to save $1.2M/year just by turning off its computers at night

    Ford Corporate News
    Courtesy of Link: When a corporation as large as Ford decides to do something as simple as shutting down its computers at night, the savings can be astronomical. In the...
  12. Can Alan Mulally Save Ford

    Ford Corporate News
    Interesting article I just read giving insight into Alan Mulally and his passion for Ford. "(Fortune Magazine) -- Alan Mulally is in my face - again. In fact, he has barely left it for the past two hours. He has taken me through the thick loose-leaf binder he assembled for my interview and...
  13. Save Motor City

    Ford Employee Discussion
    If you or anyone you know is a "displaced" Auto Worker, we want to hear from you at All information is confidential and is being used to assist "displaced" auto workers and their families through hard financial times. We look forward to hearing from you.
  14. General Motors' Newest Engines Help Save Fuel And Money

    General Motors Discussion
    GENERAL MOTORS' NEWEST ENGINES HELP SAVE FUEL AND MONEY New technologies and vehicle enhancements will enable GM's 2009 domestic car and light truck lineups to save 700 million gallons of fuel over vehicle life as compared to the 2008 GM fleet Chevy Equinox four-cylinder model to offer...
  15. Autonews: GM delays Volt engine plant to save ca$h

    General Motors Discussion
    GM delays work on Volt, Cruze engine factory to save cash DETROIT -- General Motors, saving cash as it awaits federal rescue loans, has suspended construction of a Michigan plant scheduled to build fuel-saving engines. The delay at the $349 million factory in Flint won't affect the late-2010...
  16. Could this HELP Save Ford?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    A Plan to Jumpstart Our Economy: 44+ mpg combined average Vehicles by February 2009 and Improve National Security Strategy: The President or President Elect can waive (NOW or immediately after the Inauguration) all tariffs, import, safety, and emissions restriction on vehicles achieving more...
  17. How Ford Will Save Mercury

    Mercury Discussion
    From Autoline on Autoblog with John McElroy When Alan Mulally came to the Ford Motor Company two years ago he finally forced the company to face reality. It wasn't going to go anywhere, he told his executive team, unless it put all its resources into resuscitating the Ford brand on a global...
  18. Can this car save Ford?

    Ford Corporate News
    What makes a Ford a Ford? The question is simple, and a 105-year-old company should know how it wants its cars to look, feel, and drive: the resistance in the steering wheel, the spring in the seats, the rumble from the exhaust. But Ford is still struggling to find an answer. So on a blustery...
  19. The Car to SAVE Lincoln (a design contest elsewhere)

    Lincoln Discussion
    wasn't sure where to post this or if it's all right (NDW feel free to move or whatever) but CarSpyShots has a "The Car to SAVE Lincoln" design contest with some amazing entries (not chops!) (hope they don't mind my 'borrowing' the thumbnail) individual pix are in the thread(s). There's also...
  20. Detroit News: Better quality may save Ford $300M

    Ford Corporate News
    Sunday, December 2, 2007 Better quality may save Ford $300M Jeff Green and Karen Moskow / Bloomberg News Ford Motor Co. may save as much as $300 million on warranty costs next year because of improved design standards and manufacturing technology, the company's top quality executive said...