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  1. Reuters: Ford to spend a ton saving Lincoln

    Lincoln Brand News
    Reuters: Ford to spend a ton saving Lincoln According to the exclusive Reuters report: •Ford namesake Chairman Bill Ford has renewed his backing for a revived Lincoln, approving a multi-year, multi-billion-dollar Lincoln overhaul outlined by Fields. The investment will include developing a...
  2. Never mind the naysayers; Lincoln is worth saving

    Lincoln Discussion
    You should always be careful about the name you choose to give your new baby. The power of association can work in many ways, not always positive. In the case of Henry Leland, naming his new car brand after the first President he cast a vote for in 1864 seemed a jolly good idea, on paper. His...
  3. TIME: Is General Motors Worth Saving?

    General Motors Discussion
    TIME Is General Motors Worth Saving? For months, General Motors had been telling everyone who would listen that bankruptcy was not an option. It had a $30 billion cash pile and plans to restructure the company as the economy rebounded and 2007 U.S. auto sales topped 16 million units. Then...
  4. Saving some Ford factories on table

    Ford Corporate News
    With contract talks between Ford Motor Co. and the United Auto Workers poised to enter the final stage, the automaker is prepared to scale back plans to close six plants already targeted for closure in exchange for more favorable contract terms, according to sources familiar with the situation...
  5. Saving Ford is Fields' job 1

    Ford Corporate News After more than 16 months of toiling to turn around Ford Motor Co.'s Americas division, Mark Fields is putting his long-guarded personal and professional cards on the table for all to judge: Does he have what it takes...