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  1. Ford Adds Home Energy Storage to Increase Savings

    Ford Corporate News
    CHARGE UP YOUR HOME: FORD MOTOR COMPANY’S MYENERGI LIFESTYLE 2.0 ADDS ENERGY STORAGE TO INCREASE SAVINGS MyEnergi Lifestyle, a Ford Motor Company collaboration with Eaton, Infineon, SunPower and Whirlpool, retrofitted the homes of two families with energy-efficient appliances and solar panels...
  2. Ford targets cost savings in next-generation electric vehicles

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford targets cost savings in next-generation electric vehicles Detroit News Dearborn – — To make electric cars run farther and cost less, most attention by automakers has been on batteries. Ford Motor Co. has also been working on the power electronics box: Among other functions, it converts...
  3. 2013 Range Rover Revealed With Massive Weight Savings

    Competition News
    Jason Siu Aug 14 AutoGuide Land Rover has revealed its new 2013 Range Rover model, ushering in a fourth-generation of its flagship SUV after a 10-year lifecycle with its predecessor. The latest Range Rover model clearly features styling that has become a trademark to the SUV, but the British...
  4. Toyota documents claim savings of 100m by negotiating/limiting recalls

    Asian Competition
    Big trouble for Toyota today as several documents from an internal presentation in the summer of 2009 appear to show that the company intentionally avoided and or negotiated recalls to avoid spending unnecessary money...