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  1. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    The current Scirocco is fairly old now, so a new one should be just around the corner. Here's my attempt at designing the 4th-gen Volkswagen Scirocco. I kept the hatchback body-style of the outgoing model, but replaced the curves with sharp edges - bringing the car more in line with VW's most...
  2. Competition News
    Volkswagen CEO Wants Scirocco For USA By Derek Kreindler January 17 2011 AutoGuide Volkswagen fanboys can rejoice at the news of VW of America’s CEO Jonathan Browning’s announcement that he wants to see the Scirocco sports coupe make its way to the United States. Speaking to USA Today...
  3. European Competition
    Just the Facts: RDX Racedesign offers a tuner kit for the VW Scirocco. The body kit includes a new front spoiler, side skirts and a rear bumper with diffuser. Pricing is over $800. ALLERSBERG, Germany — RDX Racedesign Automotive tunes a variety of vehicles, ranging from BMWs to Toyotas, and now...
  4. European Competition
    VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO LEAKED AHEAD OF GENEVA MOTOR SHOW Volkswagen's Scirocco was the original Hot Hatch of the 1970s alongside the Rabbit and the GTI...but after awhile, VW pulled it from the US and focussed solely on the then re-named Golf and GTI. Then, a few years back, VW showed off the...
  5. European Competition
    FROM: Autoblog IROC concept:
1-5 of 5 Results