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  1. Tricked-out all-new f-150 pickups seek 'hottest truck' award at sema show

    Ford Brand News - Global
    TRICKED-OUT ALL-NEW F-150 PICKUPS SEEK 'HOTTEST TRUCK' AWARD AT SEMA SHOW Ford F-Series trucks – specifically, the all-new 2015 F-150 – will vie for a fifth consecutive “Hottest Truck” award this November at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show Ford collaborated with SEMA builders...
  2. Youngest Car Buyers Seek Out Foreign Brands

    Automotive Industry News
    Youngest Car Buyers Seek Out Foreign Brands By Huw Evans July 8 2011 AutoGuide Collectively known as Generation Y or Millennials, those born after 1980 appear to be showing an even greater preference for ‘foreign’ brand cars in North America than even Gen-X members or the baby boomers before...
  3. GM Profit Tops Toyota, Trails Ford as World Sales Seek Record

    Competition News
    General Motors Co. overtook Toyota Motor Corp. as the more profitable automaker this year, while Ford Motor Co. held its lead as the world’s top-earning manufacturer amid record global sales for the industry. GM reported third-quarter net income of $2.16 billion today, bringing the...
  4. Ford Says It Will Seek UAW Givebacks to Match Rivals

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Says It Will Seek UAW Givebacks to Match Rivals Bloomberg By Keith Naughton - Sep 29, 2010 10:08 AM ET Ford Motor Co. will seek concessions from the United Auto Workers in negotiations next year to match deals the union gave U.S. rivals General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC, an...
  5. Mazda to Seek Japan’s Aid After Being Shut Out of Bond Market

    Mazda Discussion
    March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Mazda Motor Corp., burdened with the second-worst credit rating among Japan’s carmakers and a 62 percent surge in short-term borrowing this fiscal year, plans to apply for government aid as it consumes cash. “We can’t sell bonds right now,” said Nobuyoshi Tochio...
  6. Bloomberg: Ford Motor Won’t Seek Short-Term U.S. Bridge Loan

    Ford Corporate News
    Bloomberg Ford Motor Won’t Seek Short-Term U.S. Bridge Loan Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co., the second-biggest U.S. automaker, said it won’t seek a short-term bridge loan from the government because it doesn’t face a “near-term liquidity issue.” “As we told Congress, Ford is in a...
  7. Detroit News:Ford may seek deeper cost cuts

    Ford Corporate News
    The tentative agreement between the United Auto Workers and General Motors Corp. may be the game-changing deal that paves the way for GM's revival in its key home market, but executives at Ford Motor Co. already worry that it may not cut costs deep enough for them. Ford is in worse financial...
  8. Ford may seek givebacks

    Ford Corporate News
    By Bloomberg News | February 21, 2007 SOUTHFIELD, Mich. -- Ford Motor Co. is in a "meltdown" and may ask the United Auto Workers union to accept reduced pay and benefits during this year's contract talks, a labor economist said. Ford chief executive Alan Mulally on Jan. 3 said he would ask...