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  1. My Personal 2013 Ford Taurus SEL Review

    Ford Car Discussion
    Well I recently went on a trip to Tampa, Florida looking to relocate to that area. My current place of employment would only allow me 2 days off so I was crunched for time. I originally called Expedia to setup my hotel, flight and rental car and asked for a Lincoln Town Car as my rental since...
  2. FIN Drives: 2012 Ford Focus SEL Hatchback

    FIN Headline News
    FIN Drives: 2012 Ford Focus SEL Hatchback 'One Ford' churns out the best Focus yet. August 16, 2011 By: Nick Saporito After launching at the turn of the millennium, Ford’s compact sedan came to market with great fanfare. Thanks to its European roots and attractive...
  3. In the Garage: 2012 Focus SEL

    Ford Car Discussion
    In the Garage: 2012 Focus SEL As the title says, Ford brought a 2012 Focus SEL Hatchback today. It's mostly loaded, including navigation. Any questions??
  4. Whoops! MT discovers Ford Edge Sport slower than less powerful SEL model

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Crossover, Ford 2011 Ford Edge - Click above for high-res image gallery According to popular American folklore, you should always buy the biggest engine available. Such thinking likely became prevalent in the 1950s, when the American automotive industry was busy building new V8...
  5. 2010 Ford Taurus SEL, an AW Drivers Log

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2010 Ford Taurus SEL, an AW Drivers Log - AutoWeek NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE last updated on: 08/19/10, 09:42 et It was fitting that I caught glimpses of two iconic 1960s Ford Galaxies on local roads during my weekend in the 2010 Taurus. The Galaxie really spoke car (as Ford's marketing people...
  6. C&D:2010 Ford Fusion SEL V6

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2010 Ford Fusion SEL V6 Ford offers not one, but two V-6 engines for the Fusion. We try the entry-level version. BY MARK GILLIES, PHOTOGRAPHY BY JORDAN BROWN, PATRICK M. HOEY, AND THE MANUFACTURER June 2009 Mid-size sedans and V-6 engines generally don’t make a lot of sense to the staff...
  7. Insideline: 2010 Taurus SEL Better than Accord??

    Ford Car Discussion* First Impressions: The 2010 Ford Taurus differentiates itself from the interim Five Hundred-based Taurus with high style and high tech, but we're not yet convinced it's the flagship...
  8. 2007 Ford Edge SEL awd

    Member's Driveway
    I took these pics while on vacation in Georgia. The first road trip for my car and only less than a month after I leased it. Now im rationing my 15k a year miles...
  9. 2005 Freestyle SEL tire replacement

    Member's Driveway
    Hello everyone, I rarely post here as I am usually ranting over at GMI, but I figured I would ask here for Ford advice. My wife's 2005 Ford Freestyle SEL went in for an oil change at 32,000 miles today. The receipt said the inspection of the tires was marginal and that we should monitor...