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  1. Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept: the shape of the future

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    IAA Concept. An electric concept car from Stuttgart. The conpetition for the Tesla Model S?. The shape: a radical fastback, with prominet rear shoulders and double bubble at the rear window.
  2. Mercedes Ener-G-Force: The shape of SUVs to come?

    European Competition
    By: Mark Vaughn on 11/14/2012 The Mercedes Energ-G-Force, which will debut at the Los Angeles auto show, could be the shape of Mercedes SUVs to come--if you like it. “If people really like it and reaction is good then yeah, we might have to think of making it happen in reality,” said...
  3. Lincoln Future Car Plans Taking Shape

    Lincoln Discussion
    From the November, 2011 issue of Motor TrendBy Angus MacKenzie, Todd Lassa Since 2007, Ford Motor Company has sold off Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo and closed Mercury, leading many to speculate whether Lincoln would be next. Could the Ford brand cover the automotive spectrum? No...
  4. Spied: 2013 Ford B-MAX Small MPV Based on Fiesta Starts Taking Shape

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Spied: 2013 Ford B-MAX Small MPV Based on Fiesta Starts Taking Shape AUGUST 30, 2011 Carscoop Ford is putting the final development touches on the production version of its Fiesta-based B-MAX small MPV that was snagged with a funky color scheme and very few parts covered up while testing in...
  5. Ford's reinvention is taking shape

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford, which vowed five years ago to remake itself into a company that builds cars as well as it does trucks, is close to turning that objective into a reality. More...
  6. The Shape of Things to Come: 'We build 'em, they're SOLD'

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    via and 'borrowed' from jpd80 @ BON Long wait for Falcon Turbo buyers - Published : Friday, 10 July 2009 words - Ken Gratton < much better title from jpd80 > Falcon Turbos all sold out through to the end of September, FoA CEO "Our plan is working, it's as simple as that." Ford...
  7. Ford is in 'great shape,' UAW president contends

    Ford Corporate News Ford Motor Co., which had a record loss in 2006, "is in great shape," the head of the United Auto Workers said Wednesday after a labor economist suggested that the automaker may ask the union to accept reduced pay and benefits. "They...