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  1. Automotive Industry News
    KBB.COM STUDY: ONLY SEVEN PERCENT OF SHOPPERS LIKELY TO CONSIDER ELECTRIC CAR FOR NEXT VEHICLE PURCHASE; CONCERNED ABOUT RANGE, CHARGING STATIONS Chevrolet Volt Garners Much Higher Awareness, Consideration than Nissan LEAF IRVINE, Calif., November 30, 2010 – Kelley Blue Book,, the...
  2. Ford Corporate News
    I'm posting just one side of this article... ...sue me ;) some down, others up (Ford +12%) < not the real title DETROIT (Reuters) ...Ford Motor Co (F.N), the only one of the U.S. automakers that has not accepted emergency aid from the U.S. government, has seen a nearly 12 percent increase in...
  3. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    REPORT: "Buy American" still sways shoppers by Jonathon Ramsey The J. D. Power Escaped Shopper Study examines why customers look at one model of car, but ultimately buy another. The result: when it came to choosing a domestic or an import vehicle, shoppers chose one or the other for different...
1-3 of 4 Results