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  1. Car Shopping, Cold Temps & Roll Windows

    The Lounge
    * Oh to grab some money & go back in time to snatch up some of these! Which vehicle(s) do you most want from these vintage classified ads? These temperature readings may be just a tad bit on the cold side...
  2. Millennials Are Shopping

    Lincoln Discussion
    Millennials are developing a taste for expensive -- and even luxury -- automobiles and taking out cheap leases so they can afford them. Lexus, Jaguar, Cadillac and Acura are among the top 10 brands leased by millennial buyers, along with other pricey cars like Subaru, Mini and Buick, according...
  3. Generation z shopping list: Ford, fuel economy and cars

    Ford Brand News - Global
    GENERATION Z SHOPPING LIST: FORD, FUEL ECONOMY AND CAR SEGMENTS RANK HIGHEST Ford - Ford is the No. 1 brand of vehicle that Generation Z, those ages 16-21, most seriously consider – according to MaritzCX - Fuel economy tops the reasons for purchase for this group, followed by vehicle design...
  4. Men/Women shopping habits

    Automotive Industry News Guys like luxury, and women like imports when it comes to new-car buying, according to a study by Kelley Blue Book. Five out of the 10 brands men were most likely to shop for were domestic, with Lincoln topping the charts.
  5. Ford Shopping Land Rover And Jaguar For Cash?

    European Competition With Aston Martin obviously having already been sold off to private equity, Automotive News Europe is reporting FoMoCo's hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to shop around what's left of the Premier...