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  1. Stolen 2015 Ford Mustang car chase ends with driver getting shot

    Mustang Discussion
    Crazy Stuff. from the article: Just a few blocks after the chase started, the car thief jumped out of the truck and into the passenger seat of the white Mustang you can see in the photo gallery below. After repeated commands from the police to stop and exit the vehicle, the driver of the...
  2. 2016 (NON-)Chrysler minivan spy shot? (Sedona?)

    Asian Competition
    First 2016 minivan spy shot? Reader “WKLimited” sent in what may well be the first spy shot of a 2016 Chrysler Town & Country minivan. The taillights are similar to others used by Chrysler in recent years; while the photo is not perfectly clear, one can easily see that the two door handles are...
  3. 2013 Ford Flex Interior Spy Shot

    Ford Brand News - Global
    From Car and Driver
  4. 2012 Lincoln MKS Spy Shot

    Lincoln Discussion
  5. Ford Explorer reaches 30,000 Facebook fans, celebrates with grille shot

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Filed under: SUV, Marketing/Advertising, Ford 2011 Ford Explorer grille - Click above for teaser gallery Earlier today, Ford hit its 30,000 fan for the 2011 Explorer Facebook page, so the automaker could give away one all-new unibody 'ute to a lucky follower. To celebrate meeting its goal...
  6. Spy Shot: Ford Figo Updates

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Spy Shot: Ford Figo Updates The rear tail lamps looked different. A Dumbbell shaped clear patch of plastic was present on them instead of the production version’s quadrilateral indicator pod. We compared the defunct Ford Fusion’s stop lamp with the Figo’s and understood they were different...
  7. Saab 9-4X interior shot

    General Motors Discussion
    More here
  8. Taurus 2010 Interior Shot

    Ford Car Discussion
    Re: 2010 Taurus SpyPix - LeftlaneNews It's a wonderful interior by this limited picture. Unfortunatly, the gauge cluster and top center stack look better than the MKS's center stack without the nav.
  9. unofficial shot of Ford's upcoming 4.4-liter V8 Diesel engine

    Ford Truck Discussion
  10. Caradvice.Au: New Orion Ute Shot

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Caradvice.Au: New Orion Ute Shot After spending time away on other projects, our spy photographer is back into the swing of things, bringing you the latest developments from Ford’s ‘Orion’ project. Despite what it may look like, thisXR8 prototype is not driving around with training wheels...
  11. Spy Shot vs. Spy Shot: EVO X and WRX STi

    Asian Competition Arm your intercoolers, the showdown between the new Mitsubishi EVO X and Subaru WRX STi is almost at hand. KGP Photography recently nabbed both cars doing testing at the famous Nurburgring in Germany, and they are each...
  12. Camaro Mule Spy Shot

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Though we already know how the Camaro will look like, here is what Ausies are working on Source
  13. FoMoCo News Exclusive: New Shot of 08/09 Mazda6

    Mazda Discussion
    Dear All, I was given the exclusive rights to publish this picture. Bu all acocunts it is the new Mazda6 that is anxiously awaited. The overall shape, the Mazdaspeed6 wheels and what we can see from the tail lights correspond with previous shots. Special thanks to Matt who took this picture...