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  1. Ford Brand News - Global
    2015 Ford Mustang Mini Site Up! It's Official! The 2015 Mustang mini site is up and ready to configure your ride.
  2. Ford Brand News - Global
    2015 Ford Expedition Mini Site Up!
  3. Ford Brand News - Global
    2015 Ford Edge - New Micro Site is Live! Ford Check out all the new technology features of the 2015 Ford Edge. Watch videos and colorize your new Edge! 2015 Edge - Available Spring 2015
  4. Ford Brand News - Global
    Lincoln China Site Goes Live! Lincoln-China Lincoln will launch in China this Fall with two models, the 2015 MKZ and 2015 MKC, along with a new way of doing business.....The Lincoln Way. Check out Lincoln-China
  5. Ford Brand News - Global has updated their site and confirms that the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid will get 47 MPG city, 47 MPG highway, 47 MPG combined. This is the same as the 2013 C-Max Hybrid. No word on either Energi as sales begin later.
  6. Ford Corporate News
    Ford Media New $760 million U.S. (RMB 4.8 billion) investment in Hangzhou assembly plant in China will boost initial capacity by 250,000 units, bringing Ford’s total investment in China to $4.9 billion U.S. since 2006 Ford’s total passenger car capacity in China will increase to 1.2 million...
  7. Lincoln Brand News
    LINK We will bring you full info and pictures tonight at 8pm eastern.
  8. FIN Headline News
    Finally, FIN will receive a cohesive new look! December 13, 2011 By: Nick Saporito We're pleased to announce that this Thursday, December 15th, the site will be receiving updates and it's first unique design theme. The update process will commence very early in the...
  9. General Motors Discussion
    I found this quite interesting. Is GM trying to give Corvette Variants the same notoriety as Porsche 911? You can visit the site HERE
  10. Mercury Discussion
    Courtesy of On June 25, Ford launched its "Recycle Your Ride" website. The site is an easy guide to determine if your vehicle is eligible for Cash-for-Clunkers, and which Ford family vehicles are a good fit as a replacement. So far, Ford says it's had over 250,000 potential...
  11. Ford Car Discussion
    Ok so its only a month til ours is revealed (educated guess its at NY) but thought this should give us some more ideas of what ours will be so enjoy.:D O and can someone figure out what the decale is on the b-pillar..its bugging the heck out of me...
  12. Lincoln Discussion
    It's amazing guys. Check it out.
  13. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    found a link over on BON Ford Powered By You ( ) seems to be a feedback/blog but I haven't found any dialog like Maximum Bob (Lutz)'s FastLane Blog, tho they say, "...We’ll listen, and occasionally participate..." btw, it's Canada Only hopehopeHOPE Ford's just...
  14. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    click to do one of your own ^ click to do one of your own ^ ....then post it here?
1-14 of 27 Results