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  1. Fomoconews stumbles onto a fiesta sized mystery

    Ford Car Discussion
    Hi guys I was over at GM proving grounds on day two of my hunt for the elusive Z/28 Camaro. No Zeds to report so far but I did see a batch of NA spec fiestas on their car hauler ( I saw there NA spec grilles). I got one good shot of them (the dummy in the explorer in front of me cut me off and...
  2. 1959-60 Mercury. full sized plus!

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    Hemmings Classic Car recently published an article on a '59 Mercury Park Lane convertible (although they spelled it Parklane as one word on the cover-HCC makes far too many errors in EVERY issue since the demise of Special-Interest Autos, but don't get me started!). The white convertible they...