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  1. European Competition The new Audi TT could be set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of November, according to the latest rumours. The story has been given a further boost by the appearance of a single sketch on a Dutch...
  2. Ford Car Discussion
    wasn't sure where/if to post this but Ford put up a number of 'studies' for the Focus on its flickr acct the other day which have caused some interesting discussions elsewhere notice that the grille on the second one is the same as the Territory's spypix!!
  3. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Here's what a more production-oriented MKR could look like. Overall, I tried to make it look like a production version of the '07 MKR concept, keeping the clean look that made the concept look so good. Some may not like it, but I put a "LINCOLN" text "logo" on the aft corners similar to the...
  4. Ford Car Discussion
    FoMoCoNews.Com Exclusive:2010 Ford Focus Sketch While we have no means to ascertain if this particular sketch foretells the future of the 2010 Ford Focus, we think it's probably not too far off the mark. Considering Ford’s Verve-fication of its small car line up, the new nose seems entirely...
  5. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Here is an early version of my take on what the next all new Mustang should look like. Currently some features are missing, like wheels and side-view mirrors, but I thought I would post it up here to get some ideas from you guys before evolving the design further.
  6. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    a quick random sketch that looks kinda like a mazda: I hope you like!
  7. Mercury Discussion
    Back in the summer of 2004, short before the introduction of the Fords Five Hundred and Freestyle and Mercury Montego, Lincoln Mercury was nice enough to send yours truly an original, limited edition, hand numbered silkscreen of an early sketch for the Montego. I just wanted to share it with the...
  8. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    inspired by the skull of a Trex: too bad it's not all that close, but i hope you like :)
  9. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    if you're angry this is a fake, blame the site, you guys dont have a reader's talent section :p anyways here's my sketch of a Ka: hope you like!
1-9 of 9 Results