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  1. Asian Competition
    Source (in Slovak):
  2. Asian Competition
    These sketches of what is believed to be the 2013 Kia Forte were posted on Autoblog yesterday: Link:, Source: Autoblog. The sketches seem to fall in line with spyshots of the 2013 Forte that were recently posted on Edmunds...
  3. European Competition
    via CarSpyShots 2015 Volvo XC90 sketches officially released - WorldCarFans Volvo has taken the unusual step of prematurely revealing the design for the next generation Volvo XC90 crossover with the release of these 4 sketches. This is a model that is still a full 3 model years away from...
  4. Ford Corporate News
    "Each week, our German correspondent slices and dices the latest rumblings, news, and quick-hit driving impressions from the other side of the pond. His byline may say Jens Meiners, but we simply call him . . . the Continental." (but 2b2 knows all CONTINENTALs are Lincolns... so calls this...
  5. European Competition
    Could this be a hint about the new BMW sub-1er? Get the full story and tell us what you think inside. More...
  6. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    I was bored at work so I drew up some Mercury Sketches: First is the Mercury Custom Hot Rod: Based on the Focus RS platform, the Mercury Custom Hot Rod would try to capture the soul of the old classic 50s Mercurys. Small nimble and quick. It would have the option for the 2.0 EcoBoost engine...
  7. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    When I was younger, I used to sit around for hours drawing concept cars and NASCARS in my spare time. A lot of these cars look ridiculous now and I hope to re-sketch some of them to make them look more practical. The Idea behind this sketch I made was a 3 seater that had the option of the rear...
  8. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    some Karmann Ghias: Bigger: I hope you like!
  9. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    A collection of doodles here and there resulted in this, nothing special. It's supposed to be a Vanish type vehicle. I hope you like!