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  1. Four-door Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG suggested by patent filings?

    European Competition
    Chris Paukert Feb 22nd 2012 Perhaps more than most, Mercedes-Benz has proven to be remarkably adept at platform sharing, pulling and pushing at their various architectures to create new models. Take, for example, the marque's E-Class range, which in addition to sedan, coupe, convertible and...
  2. 2012 Mercedes SLS Roadster Pictures

    Competition News
    2012 Mercedes SLS Roadster Pictures By Colum Wood May 29 2011 AutoGuide Having officially announced the new Roadster versions of the SLS sports car yesterday, Mercedes-Benz has now released an extensive selection of stunning photos of the brand’s new drop-top. Powered by the same 6.2-liter V8...
  3. Mercedes reveals SLS AMG E-Cell EV supercar

    European Competition
    While technical development continues, Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed its all-electric SLS AMG E-Cell supercar. Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - Cell Biology - Biology - Electric vehicle More...
  4. Mercedes SLS AMG hill climb at Goodwood FOS 2010 [video]

    European Competition
    SLS AMG roars along inclined track at Goodwood in this video. Get a cockpit view of the sprint - engine growl and all. More...
  5. Mercedes AMG SLS E-cell driving footage [video]

    European Competition
    Mercedes has released a new video of the SLS AMG E-Cell on Norway's beautiful Atlanterhavsveien (aka Atlantic Road). See the amazing footage inside. More...
  6. Leaked: Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell electric supercar

    European Competition
    Thanks to an internet leak, we have our first look at Mercedes-Benz upcoming SLS AMG electric supercar. Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - Makes and Models - Recreation - Autos [url=]More...
  7. Mercedes SLS AMG started development as next-gen Dodge Viper

    Asian Competition
    SLS AMG and a new Viper were in co-development for a while. Dodge engineers got as far as building an aluminum chassis and creating a new suspension setup for a next-gen Viper. More...
  8. Mercedes SLS really a next-gen Dodge Viper?

    European Competition
    During the early stages of development, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG often wore Dodge Viper body parts, and we may have just discovered the reason why. Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - Dodge - Mercedes-AMG - DodgeViper...
  9. Cadillac SLS drives into Saudi Arabia

    General Motors Discussion
    Aljomaih Automotive Company has brought the all-new Cadillac SLS to Saudi Arabia. The new vehicle will be available on order as of beginning of March at the General Motors’ dealer for premium brands in the kingdom, the company said in a statement. The SLS was revealed during a launch event for...