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  1. General Motors Discussion
    Cadillac U.S. sales chief Bill Peffer is out after less than 10 months, the brand's third head of sales to leave in two years as the executive turnover continues inside General Motors' sales organization. Peffer's departure marks the latest executive churn at Cadillac, which is trying to...
  2. Ford Employee Discussion
    AFA takes credit for sales slump at Ford The American Family Association began a boycott against Ford back in March 2006 (not its first one, mind you). The boycott stemmed from Ford's refusing to cave in to the AFA's demands, which included not only pulling its advertising from gay-centric...
  3. Mazda Discussion
    Mazda suffers profit slump after forex losses TOKYO (AFP) - Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corp. announced Tuesday a 62.5 percent plunge in net profits for the fiscal first quarter after it lost money trying to shield itself against currency fluctuations. Fore More Click Here
1-3 of 3 Results