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  1. Chevy, Ford Most Talked About on Social Media

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Chevrolet and Ford continue their dominance at the top of the social buzz report with the two American automakers generating the most online conversations in August. According to Phoenix Marketing International, discussions of quality and fuel efficiency were strongest among the Ford brand...
  2. FIN Goes Social!

    FIN Headline News
    FIN Goes Social! Stay up to date on FIN on your favorite social media outlets! October 14, 2010 By: Nick Saporito As everyone has probably noticed, FIN now has it's all-new branding up and running. With that we are now going full force on relaunching the site and...
  3. Ford Social Media Guidelines

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    Ford Social Media Guidelines Ford Motor Company For higher res click on the image
  4. Fiesta movement team donates car to food kitchen as social media adventure concludes

    Ford Car Discussion
    Ford’s Fiesta Movement agent teams designed clothes, created wall art, directed short films and even teamed up with local bands, all with an eye toward bringing Ford’s hot-selling new car to life in local communities across America. More...
  5. Auto Mfgs: More Social Media! - WardsAuto

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Social Media Marketing Takes Auto Industry by Storm - WardsAuto By Byron Pope,, Feb 22, 2010 9:54 AM Social media websites, once an outlet for technophiles to share their innermost thoughts, daily occurrences and personal photos with the online community, are attracting the...