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  1. Perfect song for a perfect drive & Lambo

    The Lounge
    * What are your perfect song(s) for a perfect drive? Not exactly something seen everyday: a Lamborghini! Cort :) 1979 & 1989...
  2. Guess the Song, Lyrics Game

    The Lounge
    Play along. If you figure out the song and band, include another one. Lyrics presented should not bee too much or too few. From the 80's, guess this song: ,,,,,,,Father forgive me I tried not to do it Turned over a new leaf then tore right through it Whatever you taught me I didn't...
  3. My Favorite Song About Driving. What’s Yours?

    Ford Corporate News
    As a guy who likes both kinds of music (country and western) and both kinds of racing (road racing and circle-track), I’m naturally predisposed to like a country song about driving. And to me, there’s none I like more than Alan Jackson’s “Drive.” This song is certainly not new, but it...
  4. Mercury Blues: Is Ford�s Troubled Brand Singing its Last Song?

    Mercury Discussion
    Mercury Blues: Is Ford’s Troubled Brand Singing its Last Song? but the part that got my attention was this