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  1. Automotive Industry News
    VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions: labor chief Reuters Workers at VW's factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, last Friday voted against representation by the United Auto Workers union (UAW), rejecting efforts by VW representatives to set up a German-style works council at the...
  2. Ford Corporate News
    On August 8th, Ken Block will host an Invitational Media and Test Day at Hollywood Park in Los Angeles, California. All are welcome to attend not only as spectators but also to try your hand at gymkhana. Bring your car and practice your drift and grip skills in a controlled environment. Block...
  3. Asian Competition
    I got these Equus images from Mbukukanyau of GMi. I am told more are coming
  4. Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    FORD DELIVERS FIRST ESCAPE PLUG-IN HYBRID TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON ANAHEIM, Calif., Dec. 3 - Ford Motor Company’s first demonstration Escape Plug-In Hybrid is ready to roll on California roads. Ford today delivered the first of 20 research PHEVs to Southern California Edison to begin road...
1-4 of 4 Results