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  1. Confirmed: Ford to build seven-seat C-Max in Spain for export to U.S.

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Minivan/Van, Ford 2011 Ford C-Max seven-seater - Click above for high-res image gallery When Ford announced its new seven-seat Grand C-Max last fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it also revealed that the new model would be coming to North America for the first time. In...
  2. C-Max to be imported from Spain; Plug-in and Hybrid announced

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    C-Max to be imported from Spain; Plug-in and Hybrid announced Ford’s Valencia plant in Spain will build the company’s first hybrid models for European customers with two advanced technology derivatives of the new Ford C-MAX compact multi-activity model to be launched in 2013: a full Hybrid...
  3. New Fiesta Sport for Europe Lauches in Spain

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford Introduces New Fiesta Sport Madrid:-Ford has decided to complete the range of small perfommance vehicles with the addition of a sporty Fiesta variant. No change in the mechanics, the new Sport + adds a more dynamic and appealing aesthetics, premiering white stripes or blue hood and roof...
  4. EU's 2.0 EB to be made in Spain.

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