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  1. Ford Mustang: World’s Best-Selling Sports Car in Early 2015

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Mustang: World’s Best-Selling Sports Car in Early 2015 Production Begins on Right-Hand-Drive Model Ford | August 8, 2015 - Mustang is the world’s best-selling sports car in the first half of 2015, according to IHS Automotive global registration data - Global Mustang momentum continues...
  2. All-New 2015 BMW X6 Sports Crossover Leaked

    Ford Brand News - Global
    All-New 2015 BMW X6 Sports Crossover Leaked What appear to be official images of the all-new, second generation BMW X6 surfaced online this morning, prior to the sports crossover's world premiere. The new X6 has a more muscular and less rounded exterior appearance than the current model...
  3. Kia Changes Course On Sports Car Offering

    Competition News
    Kia has revealed that it has no plans to produce an enthusiast oriented sports car offering
  4. Porsche mulling all-electric sports car

    European Competition
    Porsche mulling all-electric sports car Porsche has confirmed it is seriously considering launching an all-electric sports car in the medium-term future. "We're constantly developing EV technology," explained CEO Matthias Müller in an interview with German magazine Auto, Motor und Sport...
  5. NAIAS 2014: Nissan Sports Sedan Concept. The next Maxima?

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    This is the best Nissan in the past 5 years. Looks very good in concept form. If you tone down a bit the exterior style, you have an excelent and innovative new Maxima. There are some brilliant ideas in the design department in this concept: the full glass roof, the coupe profile, the extrange...
  6. Kia to unveil "stunning" sports car concept in Detroit

    Asian Competition
    Kia to unveil "stunning" sports car concept in Detroit Kia has announced plans to unveil a new 2+2 sports car concept at the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Kia is keeping details of the project a secret until the start of the Detroit show, but the Korean automaker...
  7. Mustang based Lincoln Super Sports Car?

    Lincoln Brand News
    Mustang based Lincoln Super Sports Car? Image via Road&Track Could it be that Lincoln may be looking to enter the super sports car arena with a Mustang based Lincoln super sports car? Lincoln needs a halo vehicle to help move it 'higher' into the luxury segment. MB did this with the $100k SL...
  8. BMW and Toyota will jointly develop a sports car, extend technology ties

    Competition News
    By: Paul McVeigh June 29, 2012 Automotive News technology, powertrain electrification and lightweight technologies. BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer and Toyota President Akio Toyoda signed an initial agreement at BMW's Munich headquarters to expand long-term strategic collaboration between the two...
  9. Shelby considering new halo sports car, Focus and Fusion models for the future

    Ford Brand News - Global
    By Drew Phillips Apr 17th 2012 Autoblog With the debut of its audacious 1000 horsepower GT500 at the New York Auto Show earlier this month, you might be wondering what direction Shelby will be headed in the future. After all, they can't just keep adding more horsepower to the Mustang. Can...
  10. Tokyo 2011: Honda Small Sports EV Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    New Honda Small Sports EV Concept Heads to Tokyo Motor Show NOVEMBER 10, 2011 Carsccop It ain't the NSX replacement that many were expecting to see at this year's edition of the Tokyo Motor Show, but it is a sports cars - albeit one in a small package and with a pure electric drivetrain. Honda...
  11. Jaguar Shows Frankfurt-Bound C-X16 "Production Concept" Sports Car

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Jaguar Shows Frankfurt-Bound C-X16 "Production Concept" Sports Car AUGUST 16, 2011 Carscoop This is the first official image or rather sketch of the all-new Jaguar C-X16 study which will make its world premiere at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show on September 13. The British automaker describes...
  12. Lincoln Considering Mid-Engine Sports Car

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln Considering Mid-Engine Sports Car By Drew Johnson May 24th, 2011 LLN Just as certain as sales are dropping, Ford needs to better differentiate its premium Lincoln offerings from its lesser Ford-badged vehicles. Ford says changes are on the way with seven new models over the next three...
  13. Say what? Spyker Cars to sell sports car division, focus on Saab

    Competition News
    Say what? Spyker Cars to sell sports car division, focus on Saab By Mark Kleis Feb 24th, 2011 LLN Saab exists because of the niche sportscar maker Spyker and its decision to buy the otherwise dead automaker from General Motors, but in an interesting turn, the company that operates both Spyker...
  14. Why a Ford Mustang GT Beats European Sports Cars

    Mustang Discussion
    Why a $30,500 Ford Mustang Beats $150,000 European Sports Cars Bloomberg By Jason H. Harper Jul 8, 2010 12:01 AM ET I have a $150,000 sports car in my parking garage, a handcrafted machine produced overseas in limited numbers. Next to it, I have a U.S.-made Ford Mustang GT, armadas of which...
  15. Pictures: SSC's New 1,200hp Sports Car

    Competition News
    SSC: new fastest car in the world? By: Paul Horrell Want to know what 1,200 horsepower feels like? In a car that weighs a third less than a Bugatti Veyron? It's violent, bonkers, near malicious. A crush on your body, a blur on your vision. As magnetic and sinister as peering...
  16. 2012/2013 Toyota FT-86 / Subaru 0846 Sports Coupe Spy Photos – Future Cars

    Ford Corporate News
    This horribly mutilated STI shows that development continues on the joint Toyota/Subaru sports coupe.Sports-car loving Toyota president and CEO Akio Toyoda is committed to producing a Lexus LFA for the masses—or at least some kind of affordable rear-drive sports car—possibly as early as late...
  17. Vision ED Concept to give way to BMW M8 hybrid sports car - rumors

    European Competition
    Could the BMW M8 be a hybrid based on the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept? Get the full story inside. More...
  18. The New Opel Astra Sports Tourer: The Athletic All-rounder

    General Motors Discussion
    Sporty, elegant looks backed by agile handling First class practicality wrapped in a compact wagon format Extended powertrain line-up enhanced by Start/Stop technology [/LIST] Rüsselsheim. Opel introduces the Astra Sports Tourer – a sleek wagon featuring first class practicality in an athletic...
  19. Sports Car!

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Some perspective practice. I'm not too good in this perspective so I thought I'd work on it some. just a random car: the front could be improved designwise but meh. While I'm at it, I'll show you guys my crappy Crown Vics. I hate these drawings: overlay: