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  1. Ford Car Discussion .....Although the car spotted today was heavily clad in camouflage, an earlier image leak and our artist’s illustration show what the production Taurus will look like. The basic three-bar grille remains, but it has been grafted onto a trapezoidal...
  2. Mercury Discussion
    Mk"T"-Mule 1st spypix AND... WARNING: ignore everything but the grille Autoblog, via "KGP Photographers have caught a Taurus X-based mule wearing Lincoln's new split grille that will first appear on the MKS sedan..." click ^thumbs^ to go to the "Currier&Ives" gallery ...too bad these...
  3. Mercury Discussion
    Autoblog via Igor While still pre-production and apparently in an ebony/stone color theme - Very similar to the concept's. It remains to be seen if the matte black concole material is temporary or one of the (base?) trims.