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  1. Spyshots: 2016 Ford C-Max Facelift - UPDATED!

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Spyshots: 2016 Ford C-Max Facelift Getting New Engines and Look Autoevolution Just two days ago, Ford pulled the covers off a new Focus model. Like the Fiesta, it received a brand new chrome upper grille with hints of Aston Martin in it. But just like the Citroen C4 and VW Golf have MPV...
  2. Spyshots: Ford B-Max Facelift

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Spyshots: Ford B-Max Facelift It almost feels that Ford only just started production of the B-Max mini MPV, and that's this model was launched in June 2012. The Romanian factory that also makes most of Ford's little 1-liter engines has been churning Bs at a fairly steady...
  3. Spyshots: 2015 Ford Focus Hatchback, Sedan and Estate

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Spyshots: 2015 Ford Focus Hatchback, Sedan and Estate The European car market has been growing for the past three months, demand in the US is better than ever, China is also growing and compact models are starting to become more popular. It's the perfect time for Ford to make one of the most...
  4. Spyshots: 2015 Ford C-Max Getting a New Grille

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Spyshots: 2015 Ford C-Max Getting a New Grille We don't know if you've stopped to think about this, but Ford has one of the coolest grilles in the auto industry. It works well on the Fiesta facelift, brilliantly on the Fusion and so-so on the Focus. But hey, you can't win them all. That new...
  5. Spyshots: 2013 Ford Mondeo and Fusion Replacement Wagon Version

    Ford Brand News - Global (click link to view spyshots) 5th of October 2011, 12:54 UTC · Andrei Tutu Spyshots: 2013 Ford Mondeo and Fusion Replacement Wagon Version A few days ago, we showed you a series of...
  6. Falcon Series2 spyshots - CAR Advice

    Ford Brand News - Global
    via facebook superfan, "KEEP FORD Falcon RWD and Export It to North America" 2012 Ford Falcon FG Series 2 Spy Photos - CAR Advice By Paul Maric | August 11th, 2011 ...The end of 2011/early 2012 will see the addition of Ford’s acclaimed EcoBoost engine. Early reports from sources suggest the...
  7. The Opel Antara Update Spyshots

    General Motors Discussion
  8. Spyshots of Buick SmallSedan +Interior

    General Motors Discussion
    Baby Buick Sedan Based on New Opel Astra Scooped Inside and Out in Germany - CarScoop Wednesday, March 10, 2010We still don't know the name of Buick's all-new small sedan that will take its place right under the 2011 Regal in the carmaker's line up, but these latest spy shots from Germany give...
  9. Brazilian Fiesta MCE spyshots

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  10. First MKX Interior Spyshots!

    Lincoln Discussion
    Lincoln is in the midst of a styling renaissance, of which the Ford Edge–based Lincoln MKX was one of the forefathers. Now that Lincoln’s corporate style is galvanizing around the split-waterfall grille, our spy photographers have captured evidence that the company will wrap the MKX’s nose with...
  11. First 2010 Taurus SHO spyshots

    Ford Car Discussion
    Form Autoblog Thanks to our friends at, we now have more evidence than ever that the SHO will rise again. These spy shots show a pair of serious looking Taurus sedans snapped along the...
  12. China La Crosse Spyshots

    General Motors Discussion
  13. the First C2?? next C-Max spyshots

    Ford Motor Company Discussion - Spy pictures: 2009/2010 Ford C-Max Posted on Jul 09, 2008 under Ford, spy pictures Here we have first pictures of the upcoming Ford C-Max - these pictures show their first chassis tests in the European mountains. The chassis looks a little bit modified and wider to us...
  14. Finally - U.S. Mazda6 spyshots

    Mazda Discussion
    AutoBlog: 2009 Mazda6 caught naked with new curves "...Though at first glance it looks exactly like the 6 that debuted in Frankfurt last year, closer inspection reveals many changes to the car..." more (note: Brenda Priddy vigorously protects her copyrights (rightfully so imho) so I'm not...