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  1. Ford Calls for US+EU Standards - AutomotiveNews

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford calls for mutual U.S.-Europe auto standards in trade deal - Automotive News Douglas A. Bolduc Automotive News -- March 6, 2013 GENEVA -- Ford Motor Co. wants trade tariffs between the United States and Europe removed and believes the two markets' regulators should accept each other's safety...
  2. Ford outlines Lincoln standards to be met this year

    Lincoln Brand News
    Ford outlines Lincoln standards to be met this year Jamie LaReau February 6, 2011 Automotive News SAN FRANCISCO -- Ford Motor Co. spelled out the standards that its 1,100 remaining U.S. Lincoln dealers must meet by year-end if they want to continue selling the brand. The requirements...
  3. Obama Tightens Emissions Standards

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
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  4. Milan,Fusion Set New Standards for Hybrids - Detroit Free Press

    Ford Brand News - Global
    ’10 Mercury Milan, Ford Fusion set new standard for hybrids By MARK PHELAN • FREE PRESS AUTO CRITIC • January 7, 2009 The 2010 Mercury Milan hybrid is an outstanding and important car. ...The 2010 Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion hybrid midsize sedans are the first of a new generation of hybrids...
  5. New CAFE standards could exempt Porsche

    European Competition The same Senate-passed bill that could increase CAFE standards to 35 mpg by 2020 could also exempt Porsche from such regulations. Under the current law, any automaker that makes 10,000 vehicles or less per year is...