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  1. 2015 Mustang Star in 'Need for Speed' Movie - VIDEO

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    2015 Mustang Star In 'Need for Speed' Movie
  2. 2013 Ford Taurus, Explorer, and Lincoln MkS Earn 5 Star Crash Ratings

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    2013 Ford Taurus and Explorer, Lincoln MKS Earn NHTSA’s Highest NCAP Overall Vehicle Score Ford Media 2013 Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer and Lincoln MKS have earned U.S. government’s top five-star Overall Vehicle Score rating for performance in frontal and side-impact crash tests and resistance...
  3. Blue Oval gets star turn in Facebook ad blitz

    Ford Corporate News
    Keith Naughton May 31, 2012 Automotive News DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. will introduce ads on Facebook beginning Friday promoting licensed merchandise such as T-shirts and toy cars with the Blue Oval logo that the automaker recovered control of last week. The ads, a first for the automaker's...
  4. Lincoln Uses Lighting & Star Power in New Ad Campaign

    Lincoln Discussion
    LINCOLN USES LIGHTING AND STAR POWER TO SHOWCASE LUXURY, TECHNOLOGY IN NEW ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Ford Press Release Lincoln is debuting a new ad campaign called “Smarter Than Luxury,” featuring a new look and feel, designed to shine a spotlight on the technology and craftsmanship that...
  5. What's So Special About Toyota's Star Safety System?

    Asian Competition
    Toyota is heavily advertising its Star Safety System, but what exactly is it? Toyota knows where to find me, if the company’s current Star Safety System advertising campaign is any indication. Its commercials have found me watching the “NBC Nightly News.” Tracked me down DVRing “The Daily...
  6. The new Bond star is here: 2009 Ford Ka!

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ka let out of bag A leading UK monthly car mag has let the Ka out of the bag. Pictured ahead of the official embargo, it looks like my subscription to the well-known publication has paid off. Expect to see the car first at the Paris motor show, and then in a highly contrived cameo...
  7. Farley: A Star at Toyota, a Believer at Ford - N.Y.Times

    Ford Corporate News
    thanks to Mark B. Morrow @ BON Farley: A Star at Toyota, a Believer at Ford - N.Y.Times By BILL VLASIC Published: April 20, 2008 At a dinner here at the Bellagio hotel about two weeks ago... As the lights dimmed, Mr. Farley didn’t lead cheers or shout slogans. Instead, he spoke from the...
  8. China's Brilliance: 1 Star Crash Rating

    Asian Competition
    from Brilliance BS6 Scores Just One Star in Latest Crash Test via "Germany's ADAC automotive regulatory body has given China's Brilliance BS6 sedan a poor one-star rating in its latest round of crash tests. This is the car that Brilliance was hoping would...