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  1. Rumor: Kia ready to start Soulster Concept production

    Asian Competition
    kia-soulster-concept-5 Whether the Kia Soulster will make it into production is anyone’s guess. At the Detroit Auto Show, the Kia Soulster was featured. It is actually a concept version of the Kia Soul that has had major changes done to it. The car’s two doors, roof and rear windows were...
  2. Beijing: Ford "Start" Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    The Ford Start Concept Shows the Newest EcoBoost™ Engine TheFordStory April 21, 2010 The Ford Start Concept is the first concept car created by Ford in more than three years. The car made its debut April 22, 2010, at the Beijing International Auto Show, also marking the first time Ford has...
  3. Chang’an Ford to start work on self developed brand for low end of market

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Chang’an Ford to start work on self developed brand for low end of market Chang’an Motors have seen some amazing growth in the past few years for their self developed vehicles, and last month alone they beat both FAW and Dongfeng in monthly sales. Chang’ans joint venture with Ford has also...
  4. New features from Ford: Remote start and heated steering wheel

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: Good news, Ford fans: The Blue Oval will be adding remote start and heated steering wheels to its line of cars and trucks. The remote start option will make its first...
  5. Why Ford should start buying back Aston Martin

    Letters To Ford
    Why Ford should start buying back Aston Martin Ok, so we all know the story why Ford had to sell most of Aston Martin back in 2006. Ford needed the cash as they saw the need to restructure. That restructuring is nearly over now and even though Ford is still losing money due to the economy...
  6. FR500S Deliveries Start

    Mustang Discussion
    FR500S Deliveries Start Racing and the Ford Mustang go hand in hand. After all, with all that power at one’s disposal, the thought of opening up the engine at the track is ever so appealing. Shelby was the first to do it back in 1965 with the Shelby GT350R racer. With its 306 hp Hi-Po (219cid)...
  7. 2008 Malibu Sales Off To A Great Start

    General Motors Discussion
    GM's Malibu smashes first-month sales target DETROIT, Nov 21 (Reuters) - The new Chevrolet Malibu has topped General Motors Corp's sales expectations in its debut month on the market by a wide margin, a senior GM executive told Reuters. Bob Lutz, GM vice chairman and product development chief...