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  1. Most Popular MODELS (not Brands) by State - Yahoo

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    think we've had threads like this before but the map is COOL... The most popular new vehicle in each state? Not what you might expect - Motoramic/Yahoo By Justin Hyde February 20, 2015
  2. Best selling car models - BY STATE - January to August 2013

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    Business Insider
  3. GM to unveil new suvs at state fair of texas

    General Motors Discussion The Truth About Cars is reporting that the 2015 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban and 2015 GMC Yukon lineup will be making their debuts later next month at the State Fair of Texas, which kicks off on September 27.
  4. 2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch Debuts at Texas State Fair

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Stephen Elmer Sep 27, 8:31 AM AutoGuide In the heart of truck country, Ford debuted its all new 2013 F-150 King Ranch edition today at the Texas State Fair, showing off some new styling updates. King Ranch represents one of two luxury trim trucks from Ford, and pioneered the segment when it...
  5. Updated 2-Texas State Fair 2010: New Engines and Models for the F-150

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    FORD ECOBOOST JOINS F-150 LINEUP, DELIVERS UNBEATABLE CAPABILITY, POWER AND FUEL ECONOMY •The 3.5-liter EcoBoost™ truck engine will deliver an unbeatable combination of best-in-class towing of 11,300 pounds, payload of 3,060 pounds, torque of 420 lb.-ft. and the fuel economy of...
  6. Ford Stands Against Opel and Vauxhall State Aid

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford Stands Against Opel and Vauxhall State Aid Ford Motor Company announced it is against state aids for General Motors’ European brands Opel and Vauxhall. "We believe companies should pay for restructuring themselves," said Wolfgang Schneider, head of legal, governmental environmental...
  7. 2011 Ford Super Duty Debuts At Texas State Fair

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    BEHOLD THE NEW SCORPION - HERE TO ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE FORD UNVEILS NEW 2011 FORD SUPER DUTY AT TEXAS STATE FAIR The camouflage has finally been removed and Ford has finally showed the world what the new 2011 Ford Super Duty truck will look like. Fitting it is debuted at the Texas State...