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    You might not think of it, but he affected the auto industry in many ways from in-car computers to the iPods we put into them. RIP
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    Filed under: Classics, Coupe, Performance, Auctions, Ford, Celebrities Steve Saleen's Ford GT Prototype - Click above for image gallery Steve Saleen has apparently gotten it in his mind to auction off his personal Ford GT. While we're not exactly ones to go all star-crossed over a vehicle's...
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    worth it just for the photo... Steve Saleen's 2005 Ford GT Prototype To Cross Auction Block - InsideLine Published Aug 10, 2010 Just the Facts: Steve Saleen's 2005 Ford GT prototype will be auctioned off in Monterey. The supercar was previously seen in Fast and Furious 4. The Russo and...
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    The famous Mustang tuner, and former builder of the awe-inspiring twin-turbo Saleen S7, is back in business at a new facility in Corona, California, that’s what. But his new company, called SMS Supercars (“SMS” stands for Steve M. Saleen), is no longer so Ford- and Mustang-centric. Besides...