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  1. Ford’s Genk Plant Remains Shut on Strikes at Suppliers

    Ford Corporate News
    By Chris Reiter & Keith Naughton Jan 18, 2013 Bloomberg Ford Motor Co. (F)’s production at its factory in Genk, Belgium, remained halted as protests over plans to shut the site next year showed no sign of letup after three months of disruption. An agreement between Ford and unions approved by...
  2. Chinese Firm Strikes Deal to Produce Saab Models

    General Motors Discussion "If completed, people close to the negotiations said Sunday, the agreement would allow Beijing Automotive to produce older versions of the Saab 9-3 and 9-5 in China, but not...
  3. HS 250h strikes out - FreePress

    Asian Competition
    Lexus' HS 250h strikes out - FreePress Posted: Oct. 15, 2009 MARK PHELAN Lexus' ballyhooed HS 250h hybrid fails on almost all fronts, offering worse fuel economy and interior space than other hybrids costing thousands of dollars less. Weighed against an excellent hybrid midsize sedan like the...
  4. Auto News: UAW strikes Chrysler

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    UAW strikes Chrysler Two sides unable to reach deal by 11 a.m. deadline David Barkholz DETROIT -- The UAW went on strike against Chrysler LLC at 11 a.m. today after contract negotiations failed to reach a deal by the strike deadline. The stoppage affects 49,000 UAW-represented hourly...
  5. Detroit News: UAW strikes GM

    Ford Employee Discussion
    This is just too sad . . . UAW strikes GM Sharon Terlep and Bill Vlasic / The Detroit News The United Auto Workers launched a national strike today against General Motors Corp. after 10 days of marathon bargaining failed to produce a new labor pact for the automaker's 73,000 hourly U.S...