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  1. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Hello everyone. I just wanted to see if anyone has seen (and can describe) or taken pictures, etc of some sample of the upcoming Dark Side or Sunset colors for 2014? My wife and I are going to possibly put in an order for the 2014 Fusion on Saturday and I am just curious to see what each color...
  2. Mercury Discussion
    Courtesy of I would certainly hate to see the Mercury Sable get the axe again. But if Ford/Mercury does decide to axe the Sable, does anyone agree with me when I say that the next generation Milan...
  3. Asian Competition
    Lindsay Chappell | Automotive News | 5:51 pm, March 15, 2007 The executive who oversaw Toyota's surprisingly expensive Tundra assembly plant in San Antonio, Texas, has been reassigned to a new post in Japan. Hidehiko "T.J." Tajima will return to Japan to take over Toyota's corporate...
1-3 of 3 Results