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  1. Saab Lives: Investment Group Buys Swedish Automaker to Build Electric Cars

    Competition News
    Colum Wood Jun 13, 8:17 AM AutoGuide The future of Saab will have less to do with airplanes and more to do with household appliances, with the news today that a Chinese-Japanese investment group has purchased the bankrupt Swedish automaker. The investment group, comprised of Sun Investment of...
  2. EU approves swedish loans for saab

    European Competition
    The last hurdle for spykers bid in saab in the ongoing saab ownership drama appears to have been over come with the EU approving Swedish loans to the automaker By Drew Johnson In what could be the last major...
  3. Swedish Curse? Ford-Geely disagreeing - LeftlaneNews

    European Competition
    Report: Ford, Geely talks over Volvo stumbling - LeftlaneNews 01/22/2010, 10:59 AM By Andrew Ganz Although Ford announced late last year that it had reached an agreement to sell its Volvo unit to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited, a new report out of Sweden suggests that the...
  4. Volvo to offer Swedish C30 customers unique vehicle "wraps"

    European Competition
    what are those crafty Swedes up to now? (links below) "...Volvo announced on Thursday that it will be launching a new line of automobile wraps for its C30 hatchback. Beginning on April 7th, Volvo will be offering C30 customers in Sweden a range of 20 different non-permanent vehicles wraps to...
  5. Volvo Starts Swedish Hybrid Driver Project

    European Competition
    The Swedish Energy Agency has granted SEK 9.8m (£ 715,000 approx) in financial support to AB Volvo for a project within the development of new hybrid technology for heavy vehicles. The project comprises development and testing of hybrid technology in two refuse collection trucks in Gothenburg...