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    To read the rest of this story, Small Overlap Test Switches Sides for Certain Cars please visit
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    For: 'Competition News' I suppose Here is the STUPIDEST recall EVER... 67,000 Cadillac ATS Models Recalled for Overly Sensitive Sunroof Switches General Motors is recalling a number of Cadillac ATS models because the sunroof can apparently be opened with too light a touch for more...
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    Cadillac is changing creative agencies again. More...
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    Financial Times Chrysler’s top client switches to Ford By Bernard Simon in Toronto Published: April 23 2009 21:28 | Last updated: April 23 2009 21:28 Chrysler has received a further setback in its struggle for survival after its biggest private-sector customer placed a sizeable order for new...
  5. Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion I feel for the guy, but you can bet he is going to demand far more money than the truck and it's contents were worth.