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  1. SYNC 3 version 3.0 - what and when?

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    i hear SYNC 3 version 3.0 is coming - what are the changes? and when should we expect it?
  2. Ford SYNC 3 Review: It Doesn’t Suck Any More

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    For the rest of this piece, Ford SYNC 3 Review: It Doesn’t Suck Any More please visit
  3. Sync 3 Fixes MyFord Touch Woes: Consumer Reports

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    Consumer Reports has a little video on Sync 3, ironically they use a 2016 MKX to demonstrate MyFord Touch.
  4. Ford Sync 3 Tutorial Video

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Ford Sync 3 Hands On Full Tutorial Video
  5. Sync 3 looks different in a Lincoln: Video

    Lincoln Discussion
    While scoping out the MKX, I got a chance to look at Sync 3 in a 2016 Lincoln MKC. I didn't have much time with it so this video really is intended to show off the look more than anything. Be nice! ;)
  6. Sync 3 launches in Escape and Fiesta this Summer

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    The first Sync 3 cars will be the Fiesta and Escape arriving this summer. Both cars are entering production now so Sync 3 is on its way. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are not arriving at launch but will arrive with an...
  7. Ford's Sync 3 debut

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford's Sync 3 debut, vehicle launches are out of sync The 2015 Ford Edge has been on sale for only a month, but it's already about to be out-of-date. Ford Motor Co. plans to start rolling out Sync 3, its replacement for the MyFord Touch infotainment system, starting this summer. The Edge and...
  8. SYNC 3 for 2016 MKX?

    Lincoln Discussion
    Yo guys, I noticed a thread on the front page of M6G about SYNC 3 being offered on the 2016 MY Mustang. This had me thinking: Could Lincoln see SYNC 3 on 2016MY vehicles, including the new MKX? This could bode very well for future reviews and first year sales.
  9. Sync 3 Demoed in CNET video

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Here is a hands-on look at Sync 3.
  10. Ford Introduces New Additions to SYNC AppLink

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Introduces New Additions to SYNC AppLink Ford Modern families want to stay connected to each other and to friends, even when they’re on the go and miles apart. Ford Motor Company and Life360 want to help. Ford will be the first automaker to offer in-car use of the popular family locator...
  11. Ford Sync 3 Announced: All-New Interface Design

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford today announced the new Sync 3 system which includes a completely redesigned interface, eliminating the quadrant layout. MyFord Touch branding is now gone and falls in-line with the global branding for these systems. Unfortunately, Sync 3 at launch is using outdated Siri Eye's Free...
  12. SYNC programmers haven't a clue about USB

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    In addition to the failure to code adequate error handling described in my earlier post, there are a couple other issues. I've just gotten off the phone with sync support, and they confirmed that when sync indexes files on USB, it does so ONLY by title -- no other choice. So, if you have an...
  13. One way to Crash SYNC

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    So there we are in our new MKC, 15 minutes into an 11-hour drive, and the nav screen displays the Lincoln logo and goes black. Turning the MKC off and back on does nothing. A couple minutes later the screen lights up with SYNC in big letters, displays the Lincoln logo and goes black again. A...
  14. Ford Offers SYNC AppLink for 3.4 Million More Customers

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Offers SYNC AppLink for 3.4 Million More Customers Ford ​DEARBORN – Building on the pioneering SYNC® in-car connectivity system it launched in 2007, Ford Motor Company today announces new system investments and organizational alignments to deliver the industry’s best fully integrated...
  15. Sync "stuck" on in private

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    I'm confused. Been using my sync and my Iphone for a number of months. I switch between Sync and Iphone quite often dependent on if I want to be hands free or "in private". For the last two days it picks up and then switches to "in private." When I go to switch it to Sync on my iphone, there is...
  16. Will someone from Ford that has anything to do with SYNC please read this!

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    I have three Ford vehicles with SYNC and Navigation. I have a 2010 Shelby GT500 Gen-1 ver 3.1, a 2011 Ford Explorer Limited with MyFord Touch Gen-2 ver2.11 and a 2011 F-150 Platinum with Gen-1 ver3.2.2. I use an iPhone 4. The phone book is downloaded to the system. When using the SYNC system...
  17. Price of SYNC Drops $100, Heads to Base Models

    FIN Headline News
    Price of SYNC Drops $100, Heads to Base Models Ford now offering lighter version of SYNC for cheaper cost. August 1, 2011 By: Nick Saporito Since it's 2007 debut, Ford's SYNC infotainment system has proliferated a vast majority of the brand's lineup. Absent from that...
  18. Ford SYNC goes Global, Now in 19 Languages

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford SYNC to be More Multilingual as Vocabulary Expands to Industry-Leading 19 Languages Ford Media •Ford SYNC® to expand its vocabulary from three to 19 languages, as Ford announces global rollout of the in-vehicle connectivity technology •New languages will be available first in Europe in...
  19. SYNC with MyFord Touch Finalist for 2011 Edison Best New Product Awards

    Ford Corporate News
    SYNC with MyFord Touch Leads Four Technologies from Ford Named as Finalists for 2011 Edison Best New Product Awards Ford Press Release Innovative Ford safety and connectivity technologies will be recognized at Edison Awards Gala on April 5 in New York Ford’s industry-first MyFord Touch™...
  20. Ford Mustang Owners Next for SYNC Applink

    Mustang Discussion
    FORD MUSTANG OWNERS NEXT FOR SYNC APPLINK AND UNMATCHED VOICE CONTROL, ACCESS TO MOBILE APPS Ford Press Release 2012 Ford Mustang owners are next in line for SYNC® AppLink, the industry-first software application that gives SYNC users hands-free voice control of their smartphone apps Mustang...