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    It's vital to expect the best from your ride. Injen company is the leader of aftermarket exhausts and air intake systems. Their exhaust systems are specifically designed to deliver the maximum gain in horsepower and provide you with a deep, sporty sound. That's why Injen uses only the most...
  2. Automotive Industry News
    For more on this article, NHTSA Promotes New Auto-Braking Systems and much more please visit
  3. Competition News
    Audi highlights the 3D sound systems in the 2015 Q7
    When it comes to an exhaust system, it’s really hard to determine whether its quality, power, or sound is of more importance, as only a perfect combination of these features will result in a product that is the most effective for your vehicle. A quality exhaust will help your vehicle perform to...
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    To learn what the Top 10 Infotainment Systems are today visit
  6. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Where am I going? Ford upgrades navigation systems USA Today December 7, 2010 Some technology just sort of grows better over time in a way that you barely notice how much it has improved. Take voice recognition for navigation systems. Today, Drive On is in Del Mar, Calif., where Ford is...
  7. Ford Car Discussion
    NEW FORD MIRROR DESIGN AND RADAR SYSTEMS TO MINIMIZE BLIND SPOT RISK Ford introduces two new features coming in 2009 to aid drivers’ visibility: Blind Spot Mirror and the Cross Traffic Alert with Blind Spot Monitoring System. The Blind Spot Mirror arrives as standard equipment replacing...
  8. Ford Corporate News
    Ford's navigation systems take a turn for better Sirius' Travel Link can direct drivers to the closest local gas stations with the lowest price By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY Whether it's finding the cheapest gas or grabbing a quick stock quote, the next generation of automotive navigation...
  9. European Competition
    Volvo Cars Introduces New Systems for Alerting Tired and Distracted Drivers Studies show that up to 90 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by driver distraction. Now Volvo Cars introduces Driver Alert Control - with a technology solution that is a world-first in passenger cars. The...
  10. Ford Corporate News
    Ford Media Press Release FORD TEAMS WITH SONY ELECTRONICS FOR AUDIO SYSTEMS IN NORTH AMERICAN VEHICLES Ford signs long-term agreement with Sony Electronics for Sony-branded audio systems in Ford and Mercury brand vehicles in North America. Move is part of broader strategy at Ford to equip its...
1-10 of 16 Results