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    For more information on this story, How Far Can You Drive on a Tank of Diesel? and for regular updates please visit
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    My 2009 F150 has a 36 Gallon Tank and I love the range, I was literally on my way down to buy a 2011 Platinum 4x4 Ecoboost when I found out it had a 26 gallon tank, this is a deal breaker. I appreciate the Ecoboost has better mpg, but I want more range as well. Even with the improved fuel...
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    Article taken from How far can you get on a single tank of gas? That depends on such details as how much fuel you can fit in your tank, the efficiency of your vehicle and how much control you have over your bladder. Ford seems to think you can eke 1,000 miles out of a single tank...
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    Full Tank: Creativity-wise, the Mazda BT-50 launch is tops LINK
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    So i know the 08' Explorer has one (is it on all models or just Eddie Bauer and Limited)? Now the thing i really wanna know is if this feature will be on the New MKS and Flex, im just assuming any all new or re-done vehicles will have this Finally, i saw this on Top Gear so its british, but...