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  1. Ford Car Discussion
    Is this car worth $20K, seems like a lot of work to restore it. From the article: The car seems to have been cared for extensively, despite being the every-day ride of the unknown lady for decades, before it was put away. Aside from the shabby finish and some paint bubbling, it is, as the...
  2. Ford Car Discussion
    Truly a ground breaking design!
  3. Vintage Ford Discussion
    Ford T-Bird Italien Concept The Italien was a styling study by Ford and built by Ford's concept car builder, Dearborn Steel Tubing. Shown as part of Ford's Custom Caravan and exhibited at the 1964 New York World's Fair. Titled as a 1962. Truly unique in all the world. Departing from the...
  4. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    I did this one because someone mentioned doing a 4 passenger sedan based Thunderbird. My thought was to base it off the Taurus/500, like the original was based off a 55 Ford Sedan. Imagine it with 4WD, 3.7 SC. Stretched here, shortened there, chopped, etc. I always liked the 61-63...
1-4 of 5 Results