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  1. It's a ten, not an 8...

    Mustang Discussion
    It's a 10, not an 8... This would be shocking if true. They could have been talking about just about anything but it does make for interesting speculation!
  2. Ford tops Google's list of top ten auto searches in US

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford tops Google's list of top ten auto searches in US International Business Times By Priyanka Banerjee | January 17, 2011 Top Searches of Consumers: 1. Ford 2. BMW 3. Audi 4. Nissan 5. Toyota 6. Honda 7. VW 8. Hyundai 9. Mercedes 10. Renault Ford has topped the list of search queries in...
  3. 2 Ford engines on Ward's Ten Best

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Efficiency Drives 2010 Ward’s Best Engines Choices - By Tom Murphy, Dec 8, 2009 3:20 PM SOUTHFIELD, MI – Five all-new powertrains win Ward’s 10 Best Engines honors this year, and each one demonstrates the auto industry’s swift movement toward downsized engines to...
  4. top ten august 2009

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Here the ranking for august 2009....some surprises: Top 10 Best-Sellers Toyota Camry: 54,396 Ford F-Series: 45,590 Honda Civic: 43,294 Toyota Corolla: 43,061 Honda Accord: 39,726 Chevy Silverado: 32,421 Honda CR-V: 30,284 Nissan Altima: 26,833 Ford Focus: 25,547 Hyundai Elantra...
  5. The Truth About Cars: Ten Worst Automobiles 2007

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    The Truth About Cars: Ten Worst Automobiles 2007 By Robert Farago November 8, 2007 The fat lady has finally sung. The Truth About Cars (TTAC) and its faithful readers have identified the Ten Worst cars for sale in America in 2007. We began with a list of 136 reader-nominated vehicles. Our...
  6. [Ford] Paint By Number: Top Ten Developments In Ford's Color Palette

    Ford Corporate News
    PAINT BY NUMBERS ‘TOP TEN’ DEVELOPMENTS IN FORD’S COLOR PALETTE How important is color when it comes to buying a vehicle? According to Ford Motor Company research, 39 percent of consumers say they will walk out of a dealership if it doesn’t have a vehicle they want in their color of choice...
  7. Ten Torture Tests From Ford

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    TEN TORTURE TESTS FROM FORD The definition of “Built Ford Tough” is rooted in a series of grueling tests designed to ensure quality, durability and dependability. Even before the all-new 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty reached dealerships early this year, prototypes of America’s favorite work...
  8. After Ten Months On the Job, Mulally’s “One Ford” Becomes Reality (Autosavant)

    Ford Corporate News MORE AT LINK: Igor
  9. Ford Media: 'Top Ten' New Product Features for 2008 from Ford and Lincoln Mercury

    Ford Corporate News
    'TOP TEN' NEW PRODUCT FEATURES FOR 2008 FROM FORD AND LINCOLN MERCURY Ford Sync™ – a voice-activated, hands-free, in-car communications and entertainment system – fully integrates mobile phones and media players into the vehicle using Bluetooth technology and USB connectivity. It seamlessly...