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  1. Silly POLL: what section should Jag/LR threads be in?

    The Lounge
    I was moving some car threads out of the LOUNGE** & wondered: what section should Jag/LR threads be in? [ ] European Competition [ ] Asian Competition [ ] Competition News (cop out, imho) [ ] Diablo's Den (an old FomocoNews section) [ ] leave them in the LOUNGE [ ] delete them (we don't need...
  2. Constant and absurd merging of threads. Site Issues
    What's with the merging of threads here? As if we had to many threads to handle anyway. This site in its current form is semi-death. Can some body explain the rationale behind merging threads about Press Releases with threads about news articles? If we were to merge every single thread with...
  3. New way to show new posts in threads? Site Issues
    This may just be an issue of me not being used to it, but I find the way new posts are shown to be a bit confusing. It seems as though a thread title is bolded if there's a new post in that thread since you last read it. That's fine, I have no problem with that. My comment/concern is that...