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  1. Report: Ford bringing back the Capri as three-door Focus variant

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    The re-ascendancy of coupe and hatchback body styles over the past year on the strength of fuel economy concerns and record oil prices has brought with it a rumor of the rebirth of the Ford Capri (classic version pictured), and that rumor continues with the latest updates. Like Volkswagen did...
  2. Mazda 2 Three-Door Revealed!

    Mazda Discussion
    MAZDA BREAKS COVER ON THE THREE-DOOR MAZDA 2 Mazda has recently shown us a lovely Lime-Green production version of the new Mazda2 sub-compact. It is quite an attractive and sharp looking little car, as well as being the base for the new Ford Fiesta that is coming to our shores in 2010...