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  1. Ford Car Discussion
    Has anyone heard anything about an upcoming small roadster from Ford? I've now heard from two different people who work in some shape or form with Ford that there's a "Thunderbird" roadster project under way. The only details I have thus far are: 1. The car will be Mazda MX-5 sized, slightly...
  2. Mustang Discussion
    Thunderbird Edition Ford Mustang 7 pictures in the gallery
  3. Ford Car Discussion
    Has there been any recent rumors that the Thunderbird might be making a comeback? I figure that since there is a new platform designed for the 2015 Mustang, there might be other vehicles under consideration - Ford and Lincoln. In the mid 80s I inherited my grandmother's 1979 Fairmont Futura...
  4. Vintage Ford Discussion
    FORD THUNDERBIRD OWNERS HEAD TO DEARBORN TO CELEBRATE 55 YEARS OF HISTORY DEARBORN, Mich., June 25, 2010 – The Ford Thunderbird is known for its classic design cues and the character of a true American sports car. But it also has 55 years of history to go along with that, and owners across the...
  5. Ford Car Discussion
    So from what I've been hearing, the 2012 model year is slated to be the year of the Thunderbird. I can't remember what articles I remember reading, but it was more than one report on it. I really think that this deserves some debating as to what Ford should do with this, if anything...
  6. Vintage Ford Discussion
    Can't get enough of this great site . . . Hatching the 1955 Thunderbird by John Samsen I was lucky to get into car designing; I was at the right time and place. My early fascinations were with the planes and cars of the ‘thirties and ‘forties, and not knowing anything about Industrial...
  7. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    This thread is about the Thunderbird and it's platform-mate, the Lincoln MKC. Either of these speculated vehicles would be a few years down the road here in better, more favorable times, of course. A future Thunderbird and it's "friends" (MKC in this case) would be on GRWD with a few other...
  8. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    It started out as a Ferrarri! Imagine a Thunderbird as a Corvette beater ;-)
  9. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    no big description this time, just the chop
  10. Ford Car Discussion
    Ford's executives confirm that Ford is working in a completly new RWD platform for big cars. Is this a basis for a new Thunderbird? Does America need it? Will you buy a big RWD coupe if the styling, power and price are correct?? Someone here have some ilustrations or photoshop works about what...
  11. Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    A coupe T-Bird from the MKR.
  12. Vintage Ford Discussion
    FoMoCoNews.Com Highlight: Ford Thunderbird Sunday, September 23, 2007 (San Diego California) When we at decide to highlight a ford motor company product from any of the variety of company brands, we rely heavily on official literature to bring our member the most accurate...
1-12 of 14 Results