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  1. Monthly Sales Results
    Top-20 selling vehicles in U.S. through January - Reuters RANK__VEHICLE______________JANUARY__LAST YR__% CHNG -1--Ford F-Series PU--------46,841---38,493---+21.7 -2--Chevy Silverado-C/K PU--35,445---26,850---+32.0 -3--Toyota Camry------------31,897---28,295---+12.7 -4--Honda...
  2. Ford Motor Company Discussion
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  3. Ford Motor Company Discussion
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  4. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    The following are the 20 top-selling vehicles in the U.S. through May of 2007 as reported by the automakers and ranked by total units RANK VEHICLE 2007 2006 '06 RANK % Chng 1. Ford F-Series P/U 290,282 334,725 1 -13.3 2 Chevy Silverado-C/K P/U 265,941 258,378 2 +2.9 3 Toyota Camry...
1-4 of 4 Results