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  1. Scoop: 2017 Chrysler Town & Country Makes its First Appearance

    Competition News
    Scoop: 2017 Chrysler Town & Country Makes its First Appearance There's no replacement planned for the Dodge Grand Caravan, but Chrysler has confirmed the introduction of a new Town & Country for 2016 and these are the first photos of an early test mule. There's not much we can say about the...
  2. Alan Mulally Town Hall: 2013 and 2014 Insights

    Ford Corporate News
    Alan Mulally Town Hall Sums Up 2013 and Provides 2014 Insights ​DEARBORN – The World Headquarters auditorium was filled to the brim Tuesday with employees eager to hear 2013 year-end results and get an idea of what 2014 has in store for the business. “What a great year,” said Alan...
  3. My Personal Review of the 2011 Lincoln Town Car Signature and a little bit more

    Member Auto Reviews
    Well I ran into some misfortune recently, it was the day of the office Christmas party. We only had a half day and at noon we would all drive to Tampa to the restaurant. As I was walking out to my LS I noticed some very long scratches all along the side of the car and no car next to me. GREAT...
  4. Lincoln MKT Town Car to get 2.0-liter EcoBoost

    Lincoln Discussion
    By Jeff Sabatini Posted Aug 1st 2012 4:01PM Livery operators can thank Ford for shaving a few extra bucks from their fuel budgets, courtesy of a new four-cylinder engine option for the Lincoln MKT Town Car. Lincoln is offering its professional version of the MKT, the replacement for the...
  5. 1988 Lincoln Town Car

    Lincoln Discussion
    Well what do you guys think about it? I might be buying one in the next day or two or three. Im 20 years old but I've always been a fan of the late 80's town car and I found one for cheap. I also need a car because I sold my last one. So what do you guys think about it? Good and bad. Im on the...
  6. Lincoln's Town Car is reborn in big MKT crossover

    Lincoln Brand News
    A familiar name is getting a dramatic new look: The now-deceased Lincoln Town Car is coming back to life as a hulking crossover SUV. Ford's luxury brand plans to retag its MKT as a Town Car when it sold to limousine operators. It is making a special version of the big crossover just for them as...
  7. Cadillac to market new XTS to the Town Car set

    Competition News By Noah Joseph Posted Oct 17th 2011 8:28AM General Motors is hoping to snag buyers who'd otherwise be driving an Audi A6, BMW 5 Series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class when it launches the new Cadillac XTS next year...
  8. International LCT 2011: Lincoln MkT Town Car Livery and Limousine

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Lincoln Debuts MKT Town Car Livery and Limousine Models at International LCT Show Lincoln Media •New chauffeur-dedicated Lincoln MKT Town Car Livery and Limousine versions announced to fleet customers at the International LCT show in Las Vegas •New Lincoln MKT Town Car offers a higher roofline...
  9. Report: Chrysler Town & Country set to reclaim minivan sales crown from Honda Odyssey

    Competition News
    Report: Chrysler Town & Country set to reclaim minivan sales crown from Honda Odyssey Report: Chrysler Town & Country set to reclaim minivan sales crown from Honda Odyssey by Jeff Glucker Dec 30th 2010 Is the real swagger wagon of 2010 built by Chrysler? If you go by total sales...
  10. Fomoconews runs into the new MKX cruising through town

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    MKX Spied In The Wild Detroit MI- Hi guys I know it seems to be taking forever to get my posters choice review up but I have not forgotten all about you and I'm still working on it (the dealership im currently dealing with this time is giving me every single form of the runaround possible)...
  11. Last Panther Town Car

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Since the Town Car may be around till the new RWD platform, I thought a refresh of the current one might carry it over. I started with a early 90s TC, chopped in the MRT front end, redid the roof/windows to give it more of a Lehman-Peterson Limo look.
  12. What Is Important to You in a Town Car Redesign?

    Lincoln Discussion
    1) Design a new Lincoln Town Car to effectively compete with the forthcoming Cadillac DT7 (currently the DTS). Cadillac is combining the STS and DTS to be its large rwd luxury sedan. This may mean a high-output V-6 rwd sedan slotted above the forthcoming MKS as Lincoln's new flagship. A longer...
  13. AutoNews: LM exec: As Town Car becomes fleet car, sales will fall

    Mercury Discussion
    LM exec: As Town Car becomes fleet car, sales will fall Amy Wilson Automotive News December 3, 2007 - 12:01 am ET LOS ANGELES — Retail sales of the Lincoln Town Car will continue to slide in 2008 as the model becomes primarily a fleet vehicle, a Lincoln Mercury marketing executive says...
  14. A new Town Car... how do you imagine it? Are a future for this car?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    How do you imagine a new Town Car...or a Top of the Line car for Lincoln? Large car or medium premium car? Sedan or sedan+coupe ( like the new CTS Cadillac)? V8 alone or V6 + V8 optional?
  15. Lincoln MKS, Town Car Successor, Caught on the Road: Spy Report

    Mercury Discussion
    POPULAR MECHANICS DEARBORN, Mich. — Lincoln already showed its concept MKS at the Detroit auto show in January, so this spy shot isn’t earthshaking news. But the presence of a modestly covered-up prototype on the streets here indicates that Lincoln is right on schedule with the development of...
  16. For owners of '90-'97 Town Cars...

    Mercury Discussion
    Run with the Big-Dawgs..........