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  1. Mercury Tracer vs Ford Focus "Titanium"

    Mercury Discussion
    It has been confirmed that Ford will bring out a Titanium model for the new Focus, similar to what they are doing with the Flex Titanium. Expect this to be a Focus with better interior materials, and unique exterior styling, and a price of a few $K more. This leaves me wondering where this...
  2. Video: Memory Jog - Revisiting the Mercury Tracer

    Mercury Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: "It's peppy," the salesman said as an enticement to buy... It's not that the Mazda 323/Ford Laser-based first-generation Tracer was a bad car, but the Escort apparently called...
  3. Mercury Tracer

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Fooling around #2: Could this be possible?