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    For additional information about this story, U.S. Traffic Deaths Drop by 3.1% in 2013 and for lots more please visit
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    Ford extends SiriusXM traffic, weather service to 5 years on '15 models Automotive News SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link offer information about traffic speeds, alternate routes, fuel prices, road closures and national weather information. Ford’s 2015 model year vehicles equipped with...
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    For more about How to Avoid Traffic Jams, or at Least Getting Stuck in Them visit
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    Traffic Petrol Police in the central Chinese city of Chongqing is now armed with a huge fleet of Chang’an Ford Mondeos. Chongqing is also the home of Chan’an-Ford’s factory. Buy Chongqingican, the police must have thaught. policecar can never have enough stickers. The Mondeos are equipped...