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  1. Mother car, trip, swing & themes

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    * Anyone ever seen any episodes of this series, My Mother The Car? If a dead relative or friend came back to me via a vehicle, hope they would choose something better! Day 3 of my 2009 Route 66 road trip was spent in Missouri. A...
  2. Tomorrow cars today, Metro City, road trip

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    * In some ways we may have the cars of tomorrow today, but not like this: remember these!? How about this mini Metro City? Have more pics of this cued for future feature, including 1 today (Wednesday)...
  3. road trip pics & a perfect trailer

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    * This past Saturday, 05/02/2015, my cousin & I road tripped from northeastern IL to southwestern IL & back. The deal: my cousin covered gas & food; I provided the tunes & itinerary. Read more about the day (including some pics)…:
  4. day road trip + track time, oil & traditions

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    * Yesterday, 05/02/2015, had awesome weather for a great road trip (northeastern IL to southwestern IL) with a cousin to visit Country Classic Cars & see some friends in different places on the way back. I took a few pics, including at CCC (Staunton IL) & Cozy Dog (ate lunch there, Springfield...
  5. Where to Take a Road Trip From New York City

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    For the rest of this story, Where to Take a Road Trip From New York City please head on over to
  6. Road Trip Memory: Route 66

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    * I road tripped at least once a year, 2002-2011, to meet people & see family-friends. September 2009, I journeyed along Route 66 (starting out at the Lincoln Highway National Headquarters, Franklin Grove IL), meeting a lot of people & seeing a lot of sights. I made the most of the 2-week...
  7. 2014 Escape - Trip Meter Reset

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    I am wondering if anyone else had this happen. Yesterday, while I was driving my 2014 Escape, it hit 2000 miles on the odometer. At the same time, both Trip Meters A and B reset by themselves to 0.0 miles. Wondering if this has happened to others?
  8. Win a Trip to the SEMA Show. Just LIKE on Facebook

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    There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there sure is a free trip to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas up for grabs! So what IS the catch? Like on Facebook it's that simple. Once you do you'll start seeing some of the wackiest, wildest and most fun car photos, videos and...
  9. Top 10 Cars for a Road Trip

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    To read all of this story, Top 10 Cars for a Road Trip visit
  10. Win a Trip to the Festivals of Speed, Orlando

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    <div> </div> An amazing prize and an absurdly easy way to enter, it doesn’t get much better than this. has once again partnered with the Festivals of Speed and will be be giving away a trip for two to the luxury lifestyle event in Orlando, Florida. The prize includes airfare and...
  11. My Poland Trip with the Ford Mondeo and More

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    YellowZx5's Poland Trip & The Cars I Saw To start everything off on this trip, I wanted to make sure we rented a good car and my partner did not fall short of my expectations, a Ford Mondeo Wagon Diesel. To give everyone an idea of what our driving was, we drove from Warsaw to the south-eastern...
  12. $60 MAIL-IN REBATE from Pirelli - Chance to win a trip to Italy!

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    <p style="text-align: center;">Receive a $60 mail-in-rebate with the purchase of 4 qualifying Pirelli tires, and a chance to win a trip to Rome, Italy! LEARN MORE[/center]
  13. Near Record-Setting Record Store Road Trip!

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    In case you missed it, this past Saturday (April 21) was Record Store Day. I hope you visited your local (read: non-chain) record store and perused their selection of new and used records (or CDs, if you must). Anything to enhance your music collection and spur the local economy. Saturday...
  14. Road Trip: Culture vulturing Sarasota in BMW’s 550i GT

    European Competition
    A weekend in Sarasota, Florida, gave us time to put BMW's unconventional 550i GT to the test. BMW - Florida - Recreation - Makes and Models - 550i GT More...
  15. Jaguar Xkr Convertible Tops 2007 Best Road Trip Car List

    European Competition
    JAGUAR XKR CONVERTIBLE TOPS 2007 BEST ROAD TRIP CAR LIST Jaguar’s supercharged XKR Convertible voted the #1 car Americans want to drive on a summer road trip IRVINE, Calif. June 4, 2007 – Jaguar’s supercharged 420-horsepower XKR Convertible was voted number one in Kelley Blue Book's list of...