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  1. Global JMC & Troller News
    The all-new Troller T4. Gone is the Jeep license design and it rides on the T6 platform. I will say it again, could we get this as a Bronco please! Link Rough Google Translation: The New Troller T4 appeared in high style at Avenida Europa, neighborhood of Jardins, Sao Paulo. Escorted by a...
  2. Global JMC & Troller News This rides on a shortened T6 platform. This could make for a nice Bronco. You listening Ford?!
  3. Global JMC & Troller News
    LINK The link is in Spanish, so I will try to summarize. Suppose to launch in 2013 and will eventually kill off the 14 year old T4. It will use Ranger engineering throughout. Do you think this would make a good Bronco?
  4. Global JMC & Troller News
    and... From Google Translation: Autos Segredos
  5. Global JMC & Troller News
    Exclusive: Troller T4 Expedition is a special series of 100 units will be priced at 93,830 reais By Eber 8/10/2010 Translation: Original: We received a chilled information about a special series that Troller will perform at the Auto...
  6. Global JMC & Troller News
    The Troller T4-Its only model I'll sum up the article. They want to expand their market share by bringing out a new model. They plan on increasing the number of dealers from 20 to 30 by 2012.
  7. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Troller Celebrates the 10,000th T4 Sale The automaker Troller Ceará, now controlled by Ford, is celebrating the important figure of 10,000 units sold in the 4 × 4 utility T4. With sales of 465 units in April, Troller managed to win thanks to this brand strength and consumer confidence in...
  8. Ford Motor Company Discussion Kind of along the lines of Mulally using the F-150 that crashed into the cows though in a commercial.
1-10 of 10 Results