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  1. 2016 Lincoln MKX Uncovered!

    Lincoln Discussion
    The 2016 Lincoln MKX has been caught on the streets undisguised revealing its final form. Most interesting are the headlights, revealing that there are two different versions. One with an elaborate LED array, the other with more conventional projectors. Overall the MKX looks like an MKC, from...
  2. New Toyota Prius uncovered

    Asian Competition
    New Toyota Prius uncovered AutoExpress An all-new Toyota Prius will launch next year, and it’s not just the styling that will be radically different. The first model to be based on a new TNGA platform – Toyota’s answer to the Volkswagen Group’s MQB architecture – the new Prius will be...
  3. Chrysler 200 Sedan Caught Completely Uncovered

    Competition News
    Chrysler's completely redesigned 200 caught totally uncovered Preparing for a big debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month, the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 was out for a late-night photo shoot fully undisguised, and our spy shooters were there to capture its all-new design completely uncovered...
  4. 2015 Hyundai Genesis caught totally uncovered

    Asian Competition
    2015 Hyundai Genesis caught totally uncovered With just two months to go before the official debut at the Detroit Auto Show, Hyundai is putting together some beauty shots of the 2015 Genesis Sedan in action. Fortunately, our spy shooters were on hand, as well, and the result is our best look...
  5. Vauxhall Adam uncovered (and Opel Adam)

    Competition News
    by Mark Tisshaw 11 July 2012 Auto Car This is the Vauxhall Adam, a highly customisable new city car that, the firm hopes, will make it a “cooler” brand. The Adam will reach UK showrooms in January, priced from about £11,000, after its Paris motor show debut in September. Whereas the chief...
  6. Secret BMW X5 protoype made of carbon fiber uncovered

    European Competition
    Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) makes the X5 200 kg (440 pounds) lighter. More...
  7. Spy Photos: 2011 Ford Explorer Nearly Uncovered

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Spy Photos: 2011 Ford Explorer Nearly Uncovered You remember all that nonsense about a "140-character society?" Well, here's the new 2011 Ford Explorer in a whole bunch of megapixels. Caught in Dearborn recently, the new Explorer looks like a pretty sharp interpretation the Explorer America...
  8. Spied: 2010 Volvo C70 Captured Uncovered

    European Competition
    SPIED! 2010 VOLVO C70 CAPTURED AT COMMERCIAL SHOOT VOLVO READIES REDESIGN OF ITS HARDTOP CONVERTIBLE TO BRING IT IN LINE WITH NEWEST PRODUCT A very attentive and eagle eyed member of the Volvo enthusiast site managed to spot the 2010 Volvo C70 out on a commercial shoot. He...
  9. Autoblog: JaguarDrive interface uncovered!

    European Competition
    JaguarDrive interface uncovered! ===> The spies at KGP Photography have been trying to capture Jaguar's new JaguarDrive transmission selector interface all week, and until today the best view they got was almost completely covered by an engineer's hand. Finally, however, the engineers in...