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  1. Tennessee Volkswagen plant votes against union in UAW defeat

    Competition News
    BY BERNIE WOODALL Feb 14, 2014 Reuters (Reuters) - In a stunning defeat that could accelerate the decades-long decline of the United Auto Workers, employees voted against union representation at Volkswagen AG's Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, which had been seen as organized labor's best chance...
  2. Hyundai Motor union plans new strike, still talking

    Competition News
    July 16, 2012 Automotive News SEOUL (Reuters) -- The main union at South Korea's Hyundai Motor said it will resume wage talks with management mid-week and stage another partial strike on Friday, signalling protracted labor tension at the world's fifth-biggest carmaker and affiliate Kia Motors...
  3. Union: Ford to stop making Escape in Missouri

    Ford Employee Discussion
    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Ford Motor Co. plans to stop making the Escape in Missouri by the end of next year and shift production of its next-generation sport utility vehicle to Kentucky, a union president said Tuesday. More...
  4. Video: A Union Work day at Ford's Advanced Transmission plant

    Ford Employee Discussion
  5. AutoNews: British Union Confident

    European Competition
    British union confident over Jaguar after Tata talks Automotive News | February 22, 2008 - 11:55 am EST LONDON Reuters) -- A British labor union said on Friday it had held constructive talks with India's Tata Motors over its planned acquisition of Ford Motor Co.'s Jaguar and Land Rover...
  6. UAW's King Says Union, Ford Can't Afford Strike

    Ford Corporate News July 6 (Bloomberg) -- The United Auto Workers and Ford Motor Co. must enter this month's contract talks realizing that neither side can afford a strike, the union's top Ford negotiator told members, according to a person with...