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  1. Automotive Industry News
    Ford urges U.S. pressure on Japan ahead of meeting Automotive News February 21, 2013 by Craig Trudell CLEVELAND (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co. pushed for President Barack Obama to pressure Japan's prime minister to open its auto market and refrain from weakening the yen to give its companies an...
  2. Ford Corporate News
    Days after billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian unveiled his plan to become Ford Motor Co.'s largest private shareholder, the heirs of Henry Ford gathered Saturday near Dearborn for their spring meeting. Several generations of Fords were briefed by CEO Alan Mulally on the company's progress...
  3. Ford Corporate News Ford Motor Co.’s president of the Americas, Mark Fields, sent a memorandum to supervisors, managers and higher executives Thursday morning acknowledging that the company has had a high number of buyout takers. He also...
1-3 of 3 Results