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  1. Lexus start USA production at Kentucky plant

    Asian Competition
    Lexus is celebrating the start of production of its ES 350 sedan at Toyota's production facility in Georgetown, Kentucky. The ES is the first-ever Lexus to be built on U.S. soil. Read more: A Lexus...
  2. Is there a place for a Mercedes-Benz minivan in USA?

    European Competition
    When you see this vehicle, you can ask why USA cant drive it... This is the V-Class For sure, some will say that is not to dilute the "Luxury" image of the brand. I think that a "luxury Minivan" or "executive Minivan" is a new niche that the germans can explore.
  3. Spied – Ford EcoSport spotted in USA ahead of possible launch

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Spied – Ford EcoSport spotted in USA ahead of possible launch The Ford EcoSport was spotted in the USA recently by Ford of America is seriously considering launching the EcoSport, with the company’s CEO, Alan Mulally, having told reporters at this year’s Detroit Motor Show...
  4. Toyota: $1.2BILLion to settle criminal probe - USA Today

    Asian Competition
    Toyota to pay $1.2B to settle criminal probe - USATODAY Chris Woodyard, and Kevin Johnson March 19, 2014 The Justice Department announced Wednesday that Toyota will pay $1.2 billion to settle a criminal probe of its handling of the reports of unintended acceleration in its vehicles and...
  5. Ford's Performace Tuner Mountune Coming to USA

    Ford Corporate News
    Certified Tuner of Euro Fords, Mountune, Coming to the USA Lovers of hot front-wheel drive Fords rejoice! Well-known tuner of Euro-style hot Fords, Mountune, has announced that it is coming to the US, where it will gain its own facility with multiple roles, including that of distribution hub...
  6. Motor Trend and USA Today MKZ blurbs

    Lincoln Discussion
    MT here, and USA today here. Important info from both is it looks like Monday's event was a "webcast," no ride and drive (in fact, the MT blub makes specific mention of the fact that they haven't driven it yet :( ) Other info include confirmation that the MKZ's grille is more or less the...
  7. Volkswagen CEO Wants Scirocco For USA

    Competition News
    Volkswagen CEO Wants Scirocco For USA By Derek Kreindler January 17 2011 AutoGuide Volkswagen fanboys can rejoice at the news of VW of America’s CEO Jonathan Browning’s announcement that he wants to see the Scirocco sports coupe make its way to the United States. Speaking to USA Today...
  8. MKZ Hybrid Wins Design Award from Global Green USA

    Lincoln Brand News
    LINCOLN MKZ HYBRID LANDS TOP PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD FROM GLOBAL GREEN USA Ford Press Release New Lincoln MKZ Hybrid honored with prestigious design award from Global Green USA Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in America with an EPA-certified rating of 41 mpg city...
  9. USA Today:Fiesta print ad takes a swipe at Ford's own hybrids

    Ford Car Discussion
    One tagline in new print ads for the new Ford Fiesta reads, "The Fiesta gets 40 highway miles per gallon. That's more than 21 hybrids. Seriously." It's a powerful statement that will definitely grab the attention of consumers. They might not know, however, that among the 21 hybrids are five of...
  10. Canadian buying from the USA

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Hi everyone, Just wondering if there's currently a directive at F-L dealers not to sell to canadians. Even with our strong dollar, the price difference still averages 10% or more favouring the USA. Also as a sub-question, will I have to pay state sale tax? And where is the lower in the...
  11. mazda 2 USA Spec

    Mazda Discussion
    Mazda 2 For USA Debut LOS ANGELES - Magazine-thin laptops, MP3 players and bite-size candy bars are just a few examples of good things that come in small packages. Now, for the first time in North America, Mazda is introducing its own affordable, fun-sized creation - the 2011 MAZDA2. A...
  12. U-S-A! Ford reportedly moving production of Kuga to America

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    U-S-A! Ford reportedly moving production of Kuga to America Good news :) .
  13. 2010 Fusion, best gas-electric hybrid yet - USA Today TestDrive

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Test Drive: 2010 Ford Fusion is best gas-electric hybrid yet By James R. Healey, USA TODAY •Hybrid system. The basic four-cylinder gasoline engine is a 2.5-liter, up from a 2.3-liter in previous Fusions. A little more oomph is the welcome result. The aural signature could be better — it comes...
  14. 2010 Mazda3 on Mazda USA website

    Mazda Discussion
    Introducing the All-New 2010 Mazda3 4-door Mazda delivers yet another exhilarating driving experience with the all-new 2010 MAZDA3. As Mazda's global best-seller*, the current MAZDA3 was the foundation for a dedicated worldwide team of engineers and designers to take the car to the next level...
  15. Phaeton To Return To USA!

    European Competition
    Volkswagen's CEO has stated that the company will bring the Uber-Volkswagen Phaeton back to American shores in a new form in the coming years. This ending much speculation if the original rumors were true, or just rumor. Well, here is the full report courtesy of my friends at Left Lane
  16. USA Today: Funky 2009 Ford Flex gets its own calling card

    Ford Car Discussion
    Funky 2009 Ford Flex gets its own calling card By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY Engineer Gary Boes show off the cards he hands out to people interested in Ford Flex when Ford test drives the vehicle. NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — The new Ford Flex that drove onto the ferry here puzzled skipper Tom...
  17. The Cars that could save Ford (USA)

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Our range of Fords in Australia might not be that big but they ROCK!
  18. USA Today: Chip Foose overhaulin' mainstream designs

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Chip Foose overhaulin' mainstream designs By Marco R. della Cava, USA TODAY HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Chip Foose recently bought his wife, Lynne, a new Mercedes S-Class sedan, an elegant asphalt-gobbler with a snarling engine and TV screens in each headrest. The car's new owner promptly...
  19. Ford India Considers Exporting Fiesta Compact Sedan To U.S.A.

    Ford Car Discussion
    New Ford subcompact coming to U.S. : Fiesta Compact Sedan To U.S.A. have heard from my friend's uncle(who works in Ford India) that Ford of India is seriously considering exporting its fiesta B-segment car to USA as soon as December 2007 as part of Ford India's overseas expansion plan...